We chatted to Adam from The Fiasco about their new single BREAKING OUT

Can you start by introducing us to the band? Who is in it and what do you all do? 

Sure so we’re The Fiasco, a Pop/Rock bands from Leeds, UK. I’m Adam and I play guitar/vocals, Tim is lead vocals/guitar, Jack in on bass and Matt on drums.

How did you guys meet? 

Me and Tim met way back in school when we were 16. We had similar tastes in music and so decided to get together and have a jam. From there The Fiasco was born. We met Jack and Matt about 4-5 years ago to join the band which is when we’ve really picked things up again releasing music and playing shows (except from over the last 12 months obviously).

It looks like you guys have been pretty busy over the last few months, can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been up to?

Sure, so we released our previous single ‘Played Me At My Own Game’ in February with a lyric video and got a really great reception with it. It helped us secure a publishing deal. So we decided to come straight back out with our new single ‘Breaking Out’ which was released on 30th April. Luckily the Covid restrictions had loosened up enough for us to get together and shoot a music video this time – outdoors of course (really thankful we had amazing weather!).

Your new single, Breaking Out, is out now. What does this song mean to you as a band?

This song is all about feeling trapped in your own head. So many people suffer with mental health and anxiety and this is something we feel strongly about as a band and raising awareness about them. We wrote this song about how suffering with mental health and anxiety can impact relationships, particularly trying to start new relationships and how it can feel frustrating being stuck inside you’re own head and thoughts.

How does this song compare to your previous release, Played Me At My Own Game?

I think this one is more modern. I personally prefer Breaking Out (probably shouldn’t say that haha – Played Me At My Own Game is a cool song too). It certainly has similar Pop/Rock vibes that we are heavily influenced by, but I think it’s ultimately a feel good, dance about tune, even though it is highlighting significant issues many people face, it’s all about overcoming them. I think it has a feel good and optimistic vibe to it.

Can you give us a sneak preview as to what is next for you guys?

Sure. So we have a bunch more songs lined up for release this year, and also a cover! Back in the early days of The Fiasco, me and Tim used to post acoustic covers to YouTube and we grew a pretty good following through it. We thought it would be cool to bring back one of our most popular covers that got several hundreds of thousands of views back then. My lips are sealed as to what song that is at the moment though! Sorry 😉

How have you all been keeping busy during lockdown? 

Well Tim and his wife Emily very recently welcomed their first newborn, Reuben… so I guess Tim’s had his hands pretty full with that and also learning how to survive on no sleep! As for me, I’ve been busy writing new music, and working and producing songs for other artists. We’re really looking forward to getting back in the rehearsal room very soon though!

What is one thing you’ve learned from making music during a pandemic?

Don’t put your life and artist career on hold! When this whole thing started nobody could’ve predicted it would last as long as it has done! It’s a rubbish situation but you just have to adapt and make the best of what it is. I feel really bad for the artists who have done nothing at all for the last 18 months… it’s gonna be super hard to get back going at a decent momentum! It’s been far from ideal, but there are still lots of ways to create and engage with people!

Can we expect any live dates from you guys? 

Yes, we have a show booked at B2 Venue in Norwich on Saturday 9th October which we really excited about. We’re going to be sharing the stage with RANE who are putting out some killer music at the moment.

Tim and Adam

Where can we find out more about you?

Facebook – www.facebook.com/thefiascomusic

Instagram – www.instagram.com/thefiascomusic

Anything else you would like to tell us?

We have some great merch available at the minute – all the info and the store is on our Facebook page and we’re always doing giveaways on Instagram. So be sure to follow both accounts! 

Have a read of our review of Played Me At My Own Game here

I’d like to thank Adam for taking the time to answer my questions, and wish him and the band the best of luck will all the new music. We hope to catch the band out on the road as soon as they play a show close to us!

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