Single review – The Fiasco with PLAYED ME AT MY OWN GAME

Pop-Punk 4 piece from Wakefield, The Fiasco released yesterday their new single Played Me At My Own Game. To us, it’s an instant pop-punk classic. Here’s what we thought of the song:

The single opens with a standard style pop-punk guitar riff, before coming in with a driving drum beat and heavy bassline. A standard, but one used because it works. This, accompanied with the Green Day/You Me At Six style vocals make this an instant catchy hit.

At about 30 seconds in, we start to see the heavier sound come through, before going full on into a drop at about 40 seconds in. The kind of drop that would have mosh pits, crowd surfing, flashing lights when played live. Throughout the song, I can already feel myself rocking out, a ‘kitchen dancer’, as I like to call them. An instantly catchy, singalong chorus.

Which goes perfectly with the crowd singalong at about 2 minutes in. This helps give the track a real feel of a live, personal performance. One where the band gives all into everything they do. Alongside the ‘false’ ending – which took me by surprise – this song is already stuck in my head, and I know I’m going to be humming along to it for the rest of the day. 

To me, the song tells the story of a failed relationship, from the highs and happiness to start with, before playing the victim, then realising, actually, you were the one to blame. A story of self-realisation. I know I have used this phrase a couple of times, but it really is classic pop-punk.

So that’s what I heard from it, but what do I think about it?

An instantly catchy song. One that could easily hold its place at a small basement venue, a large arena, or an emo club night. Simply put, I cannot wait to hopefully see these guys live one day.

You can find out more about The Fiasco here.

This band was discovered by Damian Carruthers PR

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