Frank Turner debuts brand new song, talks about new album and so much more

Earlier this evening, Frank Turner played his brand new single, due for release tomorrow, on a live stream on his YouTube channel. The Gathering, a brash, angry, punk rock song that makes us all want to be back in the mosh pit. Even more, this track features Dominic Howard (drummer from Muse), and Jason Isabel on lead guitar.

And to add to that, there’s a new album coming soon (date unconfirmed as of yet), AND tour dates being announced tomorrow, with tickets on sale Friday at 10am.

Keeping it going, another new song, titled The Resurrectionist. Inspired by Charles Dickens, this is a classic Turner Tongue Twister, a sing along hit I cannot wait to hopefully hear live.

You can catch the live stream here to listen to everything Frank has to say

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