Live review: Jamie T with 86TVs, Cardiff University Great Hall. 21/11/2022.

Jamie T is certainly an artist who has made a massive name for himself over the last year. Although he has been making music since 2007, his latest album The Theory of Whatever went straight to Number 1 in the UK album charts when it was released back in July this year. After playing a few intimate record release shows on his own, Jamie took his full band out with him to tour England, Scotland and Wales on a full run of sold out shows.

Opening up the show was 86TVs, who were playing their first show in Cardiff. Unfortunately, due to Wales playing their first game in the World Cup, not many people came down early to the show, but those of us who did come down were in for a treat.

Their indie rock style got the crowd warmed up well, and although not many people knew the songs they captivated the audience well, and treated us to a mix of their songs, from the oldest first tracks to some as yet to be released songs. I really liked their style, especially as they switched which of the three front people took lead singer on each song.

And then, at just after 9pm, the stage went dark and out came Jamie T. He opened his set with Brand New Bass Guitar, quite fitting with just him and his acoustic bass on stage, before the fell band came on and joined him for Operation, which really got the crowd going. From my place in the photo pit, it was so loud, as the first mosh pits of the night started erupting.

So Lonely Was The Ballad was the first song to see a crowd surfer, and had Jamie running around the stage, singing to all corners of the audience. He certainly worked up a sweat, and by song 4 the denim jacket had come off revealing Jamie’s almost trademark football shirt.

After this it all went dark and chants and cries came from the audience. It was clear they were all excited for this show and wanted everything Jamie had to give. But don’t worry, Jamie was certainly delivering. For Rabbit Hole, Jamie was illuminated from the back, so those of us up on the balcony and anyone who decided to look back could see a perfect silhouette of the man himself on the back wall.

By the time we got around to Don’t You Find, the pints were flying from the crowd and Jamie absolutely shredded away at his guitar, before getting everyone to do the singalong part of the song. Salvador and Back In The Game, just like the songs before it, had everyone singing along and filling in the backing vocals where needed.

Old Style Raiders was an interesting song. From my place up on the balcony, it looked as if a mosh pit was about to open up, but in fact a few members of the crowd thought it would be a good time to have a fight. Credit to security for dealing with it quickly and effectively, and with no hesitation Jamie got right back into playing for those who wanted to come and be peaceful.

For the rest of the set, the energy was kept high, the singalongs kept coming and the pints kept flying from the audience. Although for this show Jamie wasn’t throwing any back from the stage. If You Got The Money was falsely claimed as the last song, and although a few people had to make their way, most of the crowd kept up the chants and shouts while everything went dark.

Jamie and his band came back to the stage, and to bring the night to a close was Sheila, Stick ‘N’ Stones and finally Zombie to finish. Once more the crowds went mad and everyone was singing along and enjoying themselves.

As always, a massive thank you to the venue staff and security for helping make a great night, and to Jamie T, his band and 86TVs for putting on a great show.

Review and photos by Ted Stargatt

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