Live review: Wet Leg at O2 Academy Bristol, 14/11/2022

After going absolutely MASSIVE post-lockdown, Isle Of Wight indie band WET LEG brought their circus of a show to Bristol’s O2 Academy, for their third visit to the city in just over a year. This was also the first run of the UK leg of their debut, self-titled album tour.

Opening the show was Lava La Rue, who brought their soft indie melodies, but with a twist of almost everything else at one point or another. There was some funk and soul, reggae, rap, and some techno style songs, while their frontperson danced around the stage As a support band, they got the crowd ready and warmed up for main act of the night.

This show had sold out almost instantly, with people scouring the internet for tickets wherever possible before the show. Apparently this one was also really hot on the press front, so we were lucky enough to be invited along to the show.

And at about 9:15, out on stage came the band, sticking to their almost unique styles that match their personalities. Hester came out sporting a very current and fashionable white patterned top and black flaired trousers, where as Rhian came out wearing tie on cat ears, a red and white crop top, fishnets and a log brown skirt. Although two very individual styles of dress and personality, they are certainly one band when it comes to sound.

The night opened with Being In Love, with the crowd being mostly quiet, bar a few extra dedicated fans, but as soon as Wet Dream started, they instantly picked up and started enjoying themselves. Across the venue, people were dancing and singing, just generally having fun and enjoying themselves, many people happy to be finally able to see the band they have wanted to see for so long.

Convincing followed next, before going straight into Supermarket. Their deceptively simple yet catchy songs are one thing that draws people into them. Simple songs about love, romance, going to the shops. It’s no wonder their debut album went straight to number 1.

After that it was time for introductions across the board, and a quick band check in to make sure everyone was happy, both on stage and those watching. It was discovered that it was an audience members birthday too, so a few nice shouts of ‘Happy Birthday’ went up from across the venue.

Throughout the rest of the night we were treated to more of the bands discography, including Obvious, Oh No and UFO, which had Rhian singing like a theremin. It’s A Shame and I Don’t Wanna Go Out went through seamlessly, one to the other, before a quick briefing, for the next one.

If you’ve ever seen WET LEG before, you’ll know there is a bit of audience participation needed for Ur Mum. Well unfortunately nothing, one audience member was a bit too prepared for the scream and there was a small medical incident in the pit. I know I always put it at the end of each review, but on this occasion I wanted to make a special point of thanking the security team in the venue last night for a quick, effective and safe treatment of the person injured and making sure they got the help they needed. This did also mean the song was ended there, and we were straight into Too Late Now.

And then a guitar riff started that I recognised, but one I was sure wasn’t by WET LEG. An amazing rendition of Idles Never Trust A Man With A Perm was given out to the audience, and especially to the delight of a certain Mr Joe Talbot, who was enjoying singing his own song back to the band on stage from the bar!

Angelica, the self-confessed WET LEG nerd’s favourite song came straight afterwards, with the most dedicated audience members (me included), really showing themselves as the ones who had not just come for one song, before the song everyone knew would finish the set was next.

With a slightly heavier, overdriven intro than that on the album, Chaise Longue brought the night to a close, with everyone joining in for the call and response, and some mini mosh pits breaking out during the guitar solos.

Although WET LEG may have gone off the radar slightly, but they are certainly a band that are still out there making a killing of a show, and entertaining audiences wherever they may go. There may be one song they are remembered by for a long time, but anyone who has seen them live knows they are much more than that.

Review and photos by Ted Stargatt

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