Live review – Spinn with Enter Red, Pentire and Stay Lunar – Thekla – 12/5/22

Liverpool based indie-pop band Spinn brought their UK tour on board the Thekla, for a night of good music and good vibes.

The show was opened by local boys Enter Red, a familiar face on the boat. I’ve heard good things about these guys, and I’m so happy that I finally got to see them live! To say they blew me away would be an understatement, and the dedicated fans that turned up early to watch a brilliant band who brought everything with them. They’d certainly have every right headlining their own stage.

After their set, Adie from The Bristol Gig Guide interview Enter Red, and their interview will be live over on their Instagram soon.

Up next was another local band – Pentire. Another familiar face at Thekla and another band I’ve certainly heard great things about, these also didn’t disappoint. 5 minutes before their set started, it felt as if the venue suddenly became very full, and the eager crowd was gathered around the stage to watch Pentire play in full form.

Their latest single Fading Out was met with cheers from the crowd, and for their final song of the set, Best Friends House, the crowd went mad, with a decent sized mosh pit and people up in shoulders. With two out of three support bands already knocking me away, this was shaping up to be a good evening.

Third on the bill was Stay Lunar, also from Bristol. With three local bands, the promoters sure knew how to get the best crowd down for the show, and Stay Lunar lived up to every expectation I’d built up so far. Although their style was a bit softer and a bit more mellow than the first two, they still played a great set and by the end the crowd was fully on side and ready to rock out to Spinn. Stay Lunar also played a new single for the first time – I Like It When You’re Around. If the single sounds half as good as it did live, it’s going to be good!

Last up, Liverpool based indie band Spinn, touring on the back of their February released second album ‘Outside of the Blue’. Carrying on from the Stay Lunar vibe, Spinn’s indie pop, slick musicianship and feel-good guitars had a real summer, positive vibe. Front man Johnny Quinn, clad in suit, swayed and swung around the stage while delivering his warm vocals. The in between song banter was engaging, delivered with Johnny’s broad Liverpudlian accent and little stories, and the now full house really got into the sound.

The record is a little ‘smoother’ than this live show, but the sharper edges gave the performance some bite.

And then it was over. 4 quality bands, each offering something a little different to the indie pop space but a boat load of punters leaving happy

As always, a massive thanks goes to all the staff and security onboard the Thekla, and the team behind the show for making it happen.

Review of Enter Red, Pentire and Stay Lunar by Ted Stargatt for TrueStyleMusic
Review of Spinn by Glenn Morrison, writing for MusoMuso, used with Permission
Review and photos of Pentire shared and used by The Bristol Gig Guide with permission
All photos by Ted Stargatt for TrueStyleMusic

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