Live review – Metronomy with Goat Girl – O2 Academy Bristol – 4/5/22

Metronomy entertained an almost full O2 academy Bristol with their brand of Electronic at the end of a global tour (US and Europe) and the post the February 22 release of their 7th Studio Album ‘Small World’.

Opening the night was ‘Goat Girl’ a 5 piece post punk band from London. Their recent album ‘On all Fours’ followed their acclaimed 2018 self titled debut with a fuller sound, with added electronic elements. The thumping beat was present throughout the set with the whirling guitars creating a big sound but 3 part harmonised vocals softening the mix. It was an interesting set and, although pinned to the front of the stage by Metromony’s gear, the clever use of some simple set dressing gave the band a presence that drew great appreciation from the crowd.

With the stage cleared it was time for Metronomy. The new album ‘ Small World’ is a simpler, pared back offering from the group and we were intrigued to see how this would translate. We didn’t have to wait long as the opener ‘Love Factory’ came straight from the new album with a sharper edge to the recorded version, with the guitars turned up a notch and even the pace seemingly a little quicker.

The band were very tight, delivery crisp versions of old and new material, underpinned by the thick warm synth tones and driving beat. The pace changed regularly, seamlessly inter-song to take the crowd from head shaking, foot tapping to gently swaying as the synths pulsed and the melodic guitars and vocals almost drew you trance like forward and back. The 20 song set, covered their whole catalogue and their link to the crowd seemed almost ethereal at times as words were not required to feel that the 1300+ souls in the venue were totally in tune with the music.

Review and photos by Glenn Morrison/GM Gig Photography

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