We chatted to TASH about their new single Hurricane Man

Can you tell us a bit about Tash? Where are you from and how did you all meet?

I grew up in Chichester (near Portsmouth), Robbie is from Brighton and we both met whilst at university in London studying music. Found we had a love for the same artists and were able to truly commit to a project like this and the rest is history really.

Why the name Tash?

Good question, we seem to get this a lot with a lot of comments about ‘moustache’ ! Not sure how that seems relevant to a female-fronted alt-rock band but it seems to be something many have fallen apon! Haha! Originally we wanted to be called TRASH, but as the music developed and realised there was someone else out there called TRASH, we settled on TASH. We have always loved bands with a women’s name in them e.g Wolf Alice, think it creates a great persona considering my name is actually Tara.

If you had to sum yourselves up in three words, what would you say?

Chaotic, inclusive and impatient 

You recently released your new single Hurricane Man. What does this song mean to you guys, as a band?

Hurricane Man is our first single of the year and we wanted to set the scene for what is to come in the rest of 2022, it is our heaviest yet and certainly a favourite to play live. From the moment I heard the riff I knew the lyrics had to be just as destructive and hoped that once listened to, it could be used as an outlet and release.

Who produced it? Have you worked with them before? How did you find working with them?

So Robbie does all our producing for us in house, I feel very lucky to work with him as he does so much! But with this track, we were approached by The Motor Museum legend Al Groves who mixed the track, helping create that ‘punch in the face’ style we wanted, it’s safe to say we were very happy with the results.

What is next for you guys?

Just over a week after Hurricane Man came out we were very lucky to get signed to ITB, so planning some very exciting shows and hopefully some festivals. We feel this release is hopefully the start of something big for us – with a couple more releases heading your way over the next few months and some very exciting support slots to announce shortly.

Elly Robert

If you had to give some advice to those looking to make music, what would you say?

I would say persistence is key, it’s taken us a long time to get to where we are now and if I had stopped I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see where it would take me. Especially on those days where you feel like you want to quit, those are the most important because they just help you build more resilience and belief in yourself in the future.

Where can we find out more about you?

Using this link you have access to what we are up to at the moment:


Or by following our most used social media, Instagram: @wearetash.  

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