Live review: Yard Act with Baba Ali at Exchange Bristol – 21/02/2022

Over the last year, British post-punk band Yard Act have gone from strength to strength, going from playing little basement stages to selling out venues across the country in a short space of time. We managed to catch them at Exchange Bristol earlier this week, and this is what we thought.

The show was opened by Baba Ali, a London based Techno-Funk duo. These guys played us a range of their songs, some released, some unreleased, to a warm and very appreciative crowd. There was lots of people moving around and enjoying the music, even if they didn’t know the words.

Although not most matching of the sounds of Yard Act, these guys still did their job of warming up the crowd well, and I’ll certainly be seeing them again live if I get the chance.

And before long it was onto the main act of the night. The room was full and there was a buzzing energy, and the self-confessed Robbie Williams of post punk came onto the stage for a belter of a show.

I think the reason why these boys have gained so much popularity recently is because they are just so relatable. Just 4 guys trying to make it in the world and trying to make something work.

With songs about politics, life, love, and everyday normal stuff, they are certainly rocking the new wave of post-punk indie music that is currently sweeping the country, and they are doing it well! If you are a fan of Sports Team, Sea Girls or Wet Leg, I’m sure you’ll find something you love in Yard Act too!

The energy they came on stage with was kept up throughout the night, as more of the crowd got into the songs and the mosh pit got bigger. Front man James was interacting with the crowd well, having a laugh and joke with them, and even trying some magic tricks on stage! One thing I love about gigs in Bristol is how much of a mixed crowd you always get, and everyone there was enjoying just as much as the band was enjoying playing on stage. They even brought an audience member onto the stage to help with one song.

For the big finish of the night (The Overload, I think), these guys brought it all out, going absolutely insane with energy on stage, and the crowd brought their A game one more time, with even an attempted stage dive from one brave audience member! When I say these guys play hard, I really mean it.

If you ever get the chance to see Yard Act live, I would highly recommend you take it! They’ll be playing Marble Factory in Bristol in November, tickets can be found here.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Yard Act and Baba Ali for putting on an awesome show, and to the guys at Chuff Media for inviting me down to the show. These guys are destined for greatness, get on board now!

Photos and words by Ted Stargatt for TrueStyleMusic

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