We chatted to Biohazards BILLY GRAZIADEI about his latest musical adventures…

You may notice things have been a little quiet around here recently. I recently had an email sent to my inbox, asking if I wanted to do an interview for a charity project. Of course I said yes!

Billy Graziadei, from the NYC band Biohazard, has been spearheading a new project recently, and we caught up with him about it.

Billy has been helping with CRU SOX, an initiative which means you can buy a great quality pair of socks, while also helping give something back to those in need.

Can you tell us a bit about how the whole idea of CRU SOX came about?

I’ve always been into helping others from an early age. In every aspect of my life I will extend myself to share a helping hand, my knowledge and experience with anyone in need. My Mother was a Nurse (and an amazing singer) so maybe it came from her. I teamed up with a couple from Arizona and set forth on creating a sock company based on the philosophy of giving back. When you buy one pair of socks, we donate 1 pair to someone in need. When you buy two pairs, we donate 3 and when you buy 3 pairs, we donate 5 pairs to someone not so lucky to be able to afford a new pair of dope socks!

Are you working with any other organisations to help further your cause?

I have a whole list of organizations I work with. Currently planning a annual Thanksgiving Day meal giveaway in Los Angeles paired with a new clean pair of socks. Working with Greetings with Gratitude for a holiday donation run in December. That organization is run by George Lynch of the Dokken, Lynch Mobb, etc. He’s a great dude and an amazing guitarist!

Are there any other famous names that are helping you along the way, or any others that you are hoping to get on board?

I brought a few friends on board, you may know Shifty from Crazy Town and Zoli from Ignite. Have had some great support from Al from Dropkick Murphy’s also! Everyone loves the idea of giving back.

How has the ongoing COVID-19 situation affected the mission that you and CRU SOX are furthering?

For me as an artist, I thrive in chaos so I look at life as a series of challenges rather than problems. There’s always an escape and an opportunity!

What can ordinary people, like myself, do day to day to help the homeless community (other than buy a pair of CRU SOX)?

Just do your part, of course buy a pair of socks but just do your part.

Other than your amazing charity efforts, what have you been up to over the last year?

I lost my Mother to Cancer when I was really young and any foundation benefiting that research is close to my heart! I would say all of the mental health, physical and substance abuse areas mean a lot to me also.

What lies next for Billy Graziadei?

I’m constantly creating, albeit new ideas for an awesome giveback company like Crusox or new music, a new band, etc. I set my realistic goals and go after them. With
years of success with my first band Biohazard, I started a band with Cypress Hill singer Sendog and we are currently working on our second release from our band Powerflo. I also have my sophomore release from my solo band BillyBio due out in early 2021. Assuming the music world opens back up and I can tour again!

Thank you for your time!

You can keep up with Billy at @BillyBiohazard everywhere on social media.

You can find CRU SOX here.

I’d like to thank Billy for his time and wish him and his project the best for the future.

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