EP Review: Six by Heartwork

Dan O’Dell, also known to some as HEARTWORK , today released his latest EP Six. All proceeds from the preorder have gone to the Bridgend Food Bank, which in this current climate, is a worthy cause.

The EP opens with Playing With Fonts. A dreamy track that explores a wide range, this mix of piano and acoustic guitar brings out Dan’s voice perfectly. The track even has a drop at around the halfway marker, and is one that really captivates me. Finally, the heavy, rhythmic drumming to end it draws you in to what is an excellent EP.

Track 2, No Angels, opens in a way that reminds me of some of Dan’s previous work, especially Outlines, with a more traditional folk-rock sound. Another track exploring the wonders of the mind, the heavy distorted electric guitars that kick in midway through help send this song home.

Continuing with the electric guitars and dirty riffs, Out Of Round, looks into loneliness and mental health, and reminds me of some of Spanish Love Songs’ latest releases. Coming in at just under four minutes, this is one I found myself head-banging to in my bedroom, and definitely one I want to catch at a gig some time. 

Bloom/Bleed goes back to the more acoustic style of song, with words of hope and a message of things are going to get better – one that is much needed at the moment. In line with the name, the song takes a slightly darker turn near to the end, one you will have to listen to in order to truly understand.

Another dreamy, pop style song, Dust is a song exploring religion and love. The song is a perfect mix of softly spoken lyrics and lightly strummed electric guitars, before getting into rolling drum beats and heavy, metal like sounds. This is one that harks back to the opening track.

Coming in at just over five minutes, Ten and Two closes the EP. With more light sounds and well sung lyrics, this song concludes it well. With elements of a bit of everything, this one takes us on a musical journey, around guitar solos, heavy drums, pianos and everything in between. This is certainly one I would like to see Dan try to recreate on stage, all by himself! Closing with more acoustic playing, this brings the EP to an end the way it should, and makes me wanting more.

In short, although only 6 tracks, this EP is one to look out for, and if you get the chance to catch Dan live, I would thoroughly recommend you do!

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