I spoke to WD-HAN, who recently realeased their new single, ICARUS…

For those who haven’t heard of WD-HAN before, how would you describe the band and liken yourself to?

Hey, what’s up?! We’re WD-HAN (which stands for We Don’t Have A Name) from Tampa Bay, Florida. We’re a rock trio that blends an alternative style with big, balls-out blues.  If you have Black Keys next to Third Eye Blind next to Muse on your playlists, we’ll get along fine!

Who’s in the band and how did you all meet?

We’re Lea on drums, Cal on guitar and Spence as lead singer. We have a really tight-knit group – Lea and Spence are married, as are Cal and our manager. We all met in high school and have been best friends and band mates since. 

being so “ride or die” would be pretty intense for a lot of bands, but we really work hard to respect each other as artists and keep in good communication. It’s worked pretty well so far!

Where did making music first start for you?

That answer is probably different for each of us, for instance Lea was in an awesome all female band in middle school before joining WD-HAN. However, we all really got our start making music for real when we got together as a band in our current format. 

We’ve now been writing and recording together for over a decade and we really feel like we’ve hit our stride in the last couple of years, starting with our debut album, Kings of Castles

Where did the inspiration for the lyrics for ICARUS come from and what does the song mean to you?

When you’re an artist and working on it every day, you don’t have to look far for inspiration – the enormity of the challenge you’re facing is plenty of fuel for the fire. ICARUS is about being someone with a goal that any reasonable person would “know” to be too big, and just going for it anyway. 

Anyone that’s an artist is like that, and we all have to just ignore any kind of noise and keep trying to fly to the sun, over and over, no matter what happens. 

Is this single a hint at more new music on the way?

Hell yes! 2020 is going to be our most prolific year yet. We just completed 4 new songs in the studio and are planning on releasing a new song every month for the entire year.

Who produced the music? Have you worked with them before, and what was it like working with them?

Our latest three songs were produced by Alex Arias. Making Summertime Star Sign, Spaceman and Icarus last year was the first time we’d worked with him and it was a blast. We definitely clicked and felt that the music we made was the most “us” art we’d put out yet, while Alex’s influence brought the production to a new level. 

We worked with Alex again in January of 2020, and see no reason for that not to continue. We make a great team and he’s a hell of a producer.

Any plans to go on tour, or to play any festivals this year?

Definitely! Our focus in recent times has been on the studio and recording side of things, but now we have essentially 7 new songs either just out or about to come out, we have plans to tour the Southeast USA and will be adding many dates in the coming months. You can check out where we’ll be playing on our website: www.wdhan.com.

Where do you hope to be this time next year?

Doing the exact same thing, but to a larger audience. Making and putting out new music is what this is all about, so it would be amazing to continue that trend and keep expanding as artists.

What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone trying to get their name out there?

Keep going! Being a musician isn’t a journey with a destination and no matter what audience you reach you’ll always want to do more. Be diligent, work your ass off and just keep being an artist. Don’t let any number of “reasons” stop you from doing your thing!

Where can we find out more about you?

We’re really active on Instagram, and we post updates about all shows on Facebook as well. Also, you can subscribe on our website at www.wdhan.com.

Anything else you would like to tell us?

Thank you so much for having us on the blog! It’s truly an honor and we hope to collaborate again in the future as we release more music.
To any fans or those we’re just meeting who are thinking of checking out our music, thank you so much for listening! It means more than the world and we promise to never stop trying to fly to the sun. 


Photos from Laia Gore

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