Derrick Nenzo recently released his latest track, CUT THE LIGHTS. Read about it here

Words By Derrick Nenzo:

The song was made a couple months prior to release and was one that took a while as it pushed me all the way out of my comfort zone considering I usually produce and write rap music. I produced the track at 3-6am on a weekday as I got the idea and couldn’t rest until it was finished. I wrote it the following day. The inspiration for the song comes from where my head was at, at the time of producing where I was feeling quite angry and trapped in my own mind, held accountable to the judgement of others from just making rap music. I also had a couple of fallings out in my personal life with people who had drained a lot of my energy already so the track and lyrics were symbolic of me pushing at different doors and avenues while reflecting on my path trying to find a way to move forward.

In terms of actual lyrical content I reference Liverpool and working class culture that I grew up surrounded by in my family. I also touch on drug use in society and relationship trouble throughout. I would describe it as a bit of a paint splatter of emotions really haha.

I went to my studio to record the track which I finished in 30 minutes. Usually when recording I listen meticulously to each syllable to make sure my pronunciation is to my liking but with this song I felt pretty happy from the get go about how it sounded. maybe because it was a true reflection of emotion? idk.
Hopefully this should be enough for you to sample from and chop up into your article. If anything else LMK.

IDK if its worth the mention but i am releasing a new track and video every month this year (hopefully) to stay consistent and i am appearing on BLACKBOX which is a rap freestyle channel for up and comers bit like LINK UP OR GRM DAILY. next week. This might be of value to you to tie up the feature.

Words By Ted Stargatt:

Derrick Nenzo’s Cut The Lights is a modern rap song, focusing on the difficulties of modern life. Exploring issues of identity, race, religion and fitting in, this song is one to look out for in the charts.

The music video helps refine this message, with the whirlwind of the back of the van showing just how mad this world has become.

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