I caught up with Bjørn Rosenquist, also known as A Kind Of Man, about his latest release…

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For those who haven’t heard of A Kind of Man before, how would you describe yourself?

I would say listen to the music and come see a show with me and my band.. Then you’ll figure it out. 

What is your story with music? Where did you begin?

I started on a boarding school back in 2001 were I became friends with Jesper Lykkedal. I remember my first impression of him, a skater kind of type with greasy Nick Carter kind of long hair (he’ll be so pissed at me for saying this). And I wore techno pants my mom made, with Buffalo boots and Dax Wax spike hair and an homemade eyebrow piercing. We both had a guitar but couldn’t really play yet. We became close friends and destroyed all our cloths with a sense of pride and teenage rebellion so we could feel like Kurt Cobain. It was beautiful…

We wrote a lot of songs and I just knew that I was doomed to pursue music for the rest of my life.. Or die of depression

To use the phrase ‘For fans of’, who would you best compare yourselves to?

The Drums, The Big Pink, Foster the People, The New Pornographers, Peter Bjorn and John, Communions and The Beatless.

Who produced your self-titled EP? Have you worked with them before? How did you find working with them?

I made the EP with Julian Winding. The first song we made was ‘Teddy Love’ from the EP. I remember us crying of joy when we finished it at 7 AM in the morning after a night with a lot of whiskey. After that I wrote the other songs and produced them with him in his apartment in Berlin. 

Where did the lyric and music inspiration for these tracks come from?

It’s a mix of many things… Mainly between crazy love to my ex girlfriend and a personal desperation of not feeling able to do the things I want. We had a difficult relationship during the last years of it. We wanted each other so badly but at the same time we couldn’t figure out to be happy together. 

But it all started with Teddy Love. The lyrics was written from a notion of the perfect dream scenario for a relationship.

I didn’t know how to pick up girls in my start twenties, so many things were imagined while enjoying my own company. A bit of a dilemma. However, I finished this song after falling in love with my ex (who is also “the girl” in the music video “TEDDY LOVE” by Meeto). It suddenly made sense to finish it.

Teddy Love is about being in love and horny. And saying goodnight with a pillow fight even when you’ve grown old together. 

What is your song writing process?

It’s always pretty tough.. I’m not really into straight forward stories cause nothing is rarely that way, but at the same time I need to be on track with something. That’s always a big dilemma for me when I’m writing.

You released the video for ‘Franceen’ last month. Who directed and produced it? What did it involve when making it?

The artist Nicolai Bruun made it. The idéa of him making it came because a few seconds of his art is also featured in my first video “TEDDY LOVE” that is made by Meeto. I thought it could be nice to let Nicolai do a whole movie for Franceen. 

The process for me was mainly to send him small videos of me singing the song so he could see my face expression and use the lip movement. Then he made a cool video…

Is there any more music videos on the way?

The director Meeto is making the second video for me. This time it’s for the song FLIP, also on the EP. 

The movie willl be an artistic and fierce love story about a farther, a son and a girl. It’s being shot with an old film camera from the 70’s and we’ve already did most of the scenes. It’s getting crazy good! You have much to look forward to.. 

Your album art looks very unique. Who designed it and what does it represent, in your opinion?

The picture is taken by Meeto. It’s from one of the scenes in the “TEDDY LOVE” video. He also handwrote the title and I did the editing and grafik.

For me the picture is about a man who’s starting to wake up from one dreamland and about to enter another. From being a scared and confused little boy to the man he dream of being..

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Are there any plans to go on tour or play any festivals next year?

Not fixed yet.. But we hope to get some good response on our applications. 

Where can we find out more about you?

Besides music I work as a photographer. Havn’t updated my website for years, but here you go: bjornrosenquist.com

And give me a visit in DK. I’ll show you around

I’d like to thank Bjørn for taking the time to do an interview with me, and wish him all the best for the future!

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