I spoke to Southampton’s Seán McGowan ahead of the second leg of his UK tour…

With the release of his latest EP ‘Curate Calm, Create Chaos’, I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with Seán before he heads back out on the road for a few weeks.

For those out there who haven’t heard of you before, how would you describe yourself?

Ermmm, I’d say I’m best described as a Singer Songwriter. Someone who tries their hardest to call it how they see it. 

If I were to use the phrase “for fans of”, who would you say you are similar to?

I mean this is best answered by listing other artists I’m told I sound like haha. So; Billy Bragg, The Clash, Levellers, Frank Turner, Jack Penate, Jamie T, The Pogues.

Your latest EP “Curate calm, Create chaos” takes your music into different direction that we are used to. Is this style one to carry on into the future?

I don’t think it’s that different really, myself. I’ve touched on the more sentimental acoustic side of things on every record I’ve ever released. This was just a record dedicated to that side of my writing. It’s hard to say where I’ll go next without having ‘too’ much future stuff written yet. But, I will say, I do miss playing Electric Guitar! ha. 

The songs “Queen of the west” and “Heartbreaker” have a female backing voice on them. Who was this singer?

Katie Lynn! She’s the absolute best. She also plays Violin on my stuff too! 

The song “Queen of the West” sounds as if it’s about someone. Is this the case, and if so who?

It’s about my Grandmother Margaret. She’s formidable and I adore the bones of her! 

Where did the inspiration for the lyrics for the songs on this EP come from?

I had a bit of a rough patch for various reasons. The inspiration was coming out of that just as much as going through it. I wanted to record to not pull any punches but I wanted their to be an angle of hope as well. 

Who produced the EP, and have you worked with them before?

Jay Malhotra. Jay has engineered both Graft & Grief and Son of the Smith. And Look Lively. And Kick off. And he plays Bass in my band. Jay is basically superman. If Superman was 5 foot 5 and his superpower was bullying me. 

Is there any plans for any music videos alongside the new EP?

In short, no, unfortunately. I’m restricted to such a low budget it really inflicts hard boundaries of what I can do and where I can take a release. I’d absolutely love to. In this day and age of YouTube you kind of have to if you want to reach potential. But, I felt I had to concentrate more on the music, production and quality of the record. If I had more money (maybe one day I will) videos would definitely be a priority! 

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And finally, where can we find out more about you?




I would like to thank Seán for taking the time to answer our questions and I’m excited to see him live this Friday

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