EP review: Milk White Throat, Hierarchy

Having released their latest EP today, Brighton’s own Milk White Throat look set to make headway, with three tracks showing off all their talents.

Hierarchy was set to be released at the beginning of the year, but like most people, they were stumped by the dreaded c-word. Nevertheless, the release is now live and one you really should listen to.

The EP open up with Closed Eyes. Coming in at 7:30, this longer track really does push the boundaries of their music. It takes about a minute to get to the build-up, but once it is there it completely hits home. This is the kind of song you feel moving your organs (or is that only me?) and where the bass goes right through you. I could imagine this absolutely rocking a live venue one day. The band say that Closed Eyes is written from the perspective of the world within, and the struggle to grapple with who they are and what they feel their existence is worth to themselves. In my opinion, they have captured that message perfectly, both through the lyrics and the sound. The mixture of crashing metal with mellow rock really help complete that dilemma. Overall, this is a brilliant opener and mood setter to the album.

This is followed by Sleepless. Never one to shy away from a long song, this one comes in at just under 6 minutes, but, by all means, is another banger. The track opens up in a heavier style, really showing the bands metal roots. The softly sung lyrics complete this track, giving it its full meaning, and really demonstrating its message of the individual trying to qualify themselves to raise a child. It also shows the disruption of emotions that comes to someone when they start to question everything about themselves. The video for Sleepless was released back at the end of August, filmed at The Underworld in Camden, as well as the single across all streaming platforms. This track is another one not to be missed.

The final track on this EP is the title track, Hierarchy. Another long one, at close to 8 minutes long, this one combines the rock elements of Closed Eyes, with the metal sounds of Sleepless to create an awesome hybrid song. This track tries to explore the idea of understanding oneself through everything the world can provide. A difficult idea to talk well about in a song, but I think Milk White Throat just about manage to pull this one off. This is another track I cannot wait to see live as soon as it is safe to.

All in all, this three track EP is a great release from the band, with three bangers combining to create a masterpiece. In my opinion, it would be good to have it broken up with a shorter track somewhere in the middle, but nonetheless it is still one to watch out for, and one I hope to see live at some point in the future.

I chatted to REX about her debut single BAND INFLUENCE

After the release of her debut single, I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with REX about all things music.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and where did music start for you?

I am an alternative pop / rock artist from Hampshire. Writing and making music is fuel for my soul, I can’t remember a time where songwriting hasn’t been a part of everyday life for me. Music started at the age of 12, my mum plays piano so there was always a piano in the house. I used to come home from school and learn all my favorite pop songs on the piano and accompany myself…not very well. I had a music teacher who encouraged us to create music all the time in class, anything and everything we wanted. This encouraged me at home to start writing my own music on the piano.  From here my confidence grew and I have been performing and writing ever since. 

You recently released your latest single, Bad Influence. What does this single mean to you?

This single is about enjoying life, not getting too caught up in a relationship with someone. I think it’s easy to have a connection with someone and immediately start thinking what if… but why not just chill, have a good time and enjoy the moment. 

Who produced this? Have you worked with them before?

I work with a producer called Oberon, we are a writing and production team. We are working together on all the music that is coming in the future, he fully understands my vision for the music which helps to make a great team.

Did you have any other help in the writing and recording process?

No other help, just me and Oberon! Too many cooks.. 

You seem to sing towards a person in this latest single. Is this an actual person or more of an idea of one?

It was towards a specific person yeah.. we won’t name names haha!

Before the world went mad, did you play many live shows? Are there any plans to play any again?

The band and I have been playing shows for years, performing live is my favorite thing to do! A few weeks before lock down we had a couple of gigs lined up, such a shame we didn’t get to play them but when we can we will be back with a BANG! 

What would you say is the biggest hurdle to overcome when making music, and what advice would you give to people trying to make their own stuff?

I think the most difficult part is making sure you are present when making music. Making sure that you are not in your own head second guessing what you are making, staying true to yourself as an artist and not letting the world dictate the music you make. My advice would be don’t worry about the numbers, streams or current trends. Be who you are and let that show in your music. 

What lies next for Rex?

LOTS haha, we have music lined up to be released this year and next year! The dream is a tour, hopefully we can in 2021 if Corona bores off!! 

Anything you would like to tell us?

I’m so excited about all the music that is coming, this is just the start of the journey! I can’t wait for more people to hear the music and become a part of this unique experience 🙂 

Well you’ve read the interview, so why not go check out the music? This is one to look out for over the next year, and another I cannot wait to see live ASAP. I’d like to thank Rex for taking the time to answer my questions and wish her all the best for the future.

LIVE REVIEW:Lonely Tourist and Chris Webb at Chapel Arts Centre, Bath. Saturday 29th August 2020

One of the biggest things I have missed this year is the gigs. The nervous excitement before the act comes on, the electric atmosphere of a room full of people, the ringing in your ears at the end of the night.

Sadly, that experience is still a while away, but in the meantime socially distanced gigs are a good midpoint. Chris and Paul’s gig was the first live music I have seen in over 5 months, after countless gigs and festivals were cancelled due to the C word.

It was a very strange experience compared to what I’m used to walking into, almost feeling like a 1950’s diner, somewhere in America. Small round tables, a single microphone on the stage and the dimmed lights. Truth be told, I was hesitant about how this was going to go. I’d seen reports from other socially distanced shows, some good, others not so.

But I’m glad to say my fears were unfounded.

8PM hit, and Paul (Lonely Tourist) took to the stage, and we could tell he was a bit nervous (and who could blame him, no gigs in 5 months can do that to you), and after a quick tune up, we were off for the first song.

Paul’s soft Glaswegian vocals and strummed acoustic guitar was the perfect mood setter for the night. Lonely Tourist is a new discovery for me, and safe to say, he is pretty fucking cool.

The second song from Paul was a new one, written during lockdown. Tom and the Library, a song exploring the unknown, and with some unfortunate lines about Morrissey, and my favourite line – Trump with daffodils – continued to keep the mood going.

There were also songs about streets he used to live on, the way his dad answers the phone, jobs he imagined having, songs about shift work, and songs about emptiness. With a mix of percussive head bangers and foot tappers, and some more soft finger picked songs, Lonely Tourist is definitely one I want to see live again.

But sadly the final song had to come from Paul. The Ballad of Paul Tierney (after starting with a slightly awkward round of applause) was a great end to his set. A final head banger/foot tapper, it would have been a great singalong – if they were allowed – and a great end to the entrée, before the cheese course that was Chris Webb.

At just past 10PM, Chris took to the stage, armed with a beautiful Gibson acoustic and a full set list to entertain us for the rest of the night.

The set was opened by a song called The Island. Written at the beginning of 2020, this song was supposed to be a thinly vailed song about Brexit, and, in parts, has aged like a fine wine (or cheese, depending on how you look at it). Nevertheless, the song was a great start to his set, and gave us the soft voice and finger picked style we are used to from Chris.

We were then treated to the opening track from Chris’s last album, The Monkey And The Jukebox, titled salt. A sad song that was complete bullshit, this song really showed his incredible talent and range of sounds produced from just one guitar.

Throughout the rest of the night, we were treated to more finger picking, head bobbing and foot tapping, with both new and old songs. Songs about breakfast, cancelled gigs, New Year’s Eve, Glasgow, and even a cover of John Martyn’s May You Never, all showed off Chris’s skillset.

But sadly, after 13 songs, it was time for the last two of the night. Stone, from Chris’s latest album was followed by an unreleased song – The Inevitable Lockdown Song. I’ve been hesitant about lockdown songs, as, before last night, I was yet to hear a good one. But I’m happy to say I finally have found one. With references to talking to plants and walking around in circles, this song had one of my favourite lines I’ve heard recently – I know the reason, it won’t last forever, but it’s hard to see over the hill.

And then it was the end of the night, and what a night it was. It was brilliant to be back seeing live music, and Chris and Paul were the perfect welcome back. Only problem is, I can’t wait until the next one.

I’d like to thank Chris and Paul for being amazing musicians and inviting me along, and to all the staff at Chapel Arts Centre, for hosting an amazing evening.

Some thoughts about socially distanced gigs:

As I’ve said a few times already, it was so good to be back seeing live music, and it is something I’ve really missed. But it’s just not the same as a normal gig. The performers were amazing, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from them, but it just lacked that electric buzz you normally get from a show. You don’t get the fun of making friends with random people, or the drunken sing-alongs that some of us are used to.

From a promoter’s side, this is going to be really difficult for a lot of smaller bands and artists to play shows. Ticket prices are a lot higher than what you would normally pay, capacity is lower, and not as many venues have the capability to actually accommodate for it. The next year or two is going to be really difficult for a lot of artists, but hopefully more venues will be able to do these sorts of gigs in the next few months.

Words by Ted Stargatt

EP REVIEW: A Joyful Terrorizing ride from The Thieves About

Coming from San Diego’s West Coast, US rockers The Thieves About released their latest EP – A Joyful Terrorizing Ride – a couple of weeks ago. This four piece don’t pretend to be anything but a high energy rock band.

The EP opens with Hurt Me Sometimes. With a combination of overdriven guitar riffs and a leading drummer, this is the longest track of the EP, at just under 4 minutes. The track talks of past loves and the ups and downs associated with it. The bridge really helps enforce that message of the struggle of both being in love and not knowing what exactly is going on. This is a perfect opener to what is set to be a powerful EP.

This is followed by Take Me On (no, not the popular 80s song by a-ha), which opens in a more melodic indie style, with open strummed electric guitars. Using the metaphor of a bar in the opener, this song explores the feeling of defeat and recovery, and the offer of help from others. This gives me a Frank-Turner-Get-Better vibe (although I did keep thinking I was about to hear the words “take on me”)

Next is We Go Down. This is definitely a heavier style of song, with a Metallica style guitar riff to open. This track explores the idea of getting away, both physically and emotionally, from the dizziness that regular life can cause. This lively track is one I really hope to be able to see live one day (and probably get whiplash from headbanging).

The final track from A Joyful Terrorizing Ride is Torn Down. Opening with a dreamy plucked-guitar style, this song has more of an indie vibe that the heavier tracks previous. At about the 40 second mark, the song gives you the more ‘traditional’ sound that I’ve become familiar with from the first three quarters of this EP. This track talks about the idea of others helping to build you back up. This gives the EP as a whole a nice circular feel, from the opening feelings of love and fear, to the closing feelings of reconciliation and hope.

Overall, A Joyful Terrorizing Ride, and The Thieves About, are worth looking out for, and I can see them going far. This latest EP perfectly sums up their sound, and hopefully a band I will be able to catch on the road someday.

Until then, you can check out The Thieves About here

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Elder Brother announce latest album I WON’T FADE YOU

After the success of their 2018 album Stay Inside (ha), alternitive rocker’s Elder Brother have today announced their next album – I Won’t Fade You will be released on the 2nd October via Pure Noise Records.

They have also shared the video for the latest single, I Get So Tired Of You today.

‘I Get So Tired Of You’ is a song we had floating around for a while that we were nervous to pursue because of the prominent keyboard line,” shares Dan Rose. “Kevin can play piano but we were always apprehensive to commit to any keys-driven tunes because we weren’t as confident on the instrument. Once we added Evan to the lineup, who is a classically trained pianist as well as a drummer, we were more confident to start moving in that direction sonically I think the song is a product of us gaining more confidence in our instruments and as a band, in general.

Elder Brother were originally formed by Dan Rose and Kevin Geyer from The Story So far, and were later joined by Morgan Foster and Evan Garcia-Renart. The pair released their debut album – Heavy Head in 2014, and a year later released the 4 track EP Wish You Were Here, featuring 4 tracks of the title name, including an original and covers from The Get Up Kids, Ryan Adams and Pink Floyd.

The album is availble to pre-order here, and hopefully the band will be able to get out onto the road as soon as it is safe to do so.

Via Good As Gold Group PR

The latest edition of TrueStyleMusic’s spotify playlist is now live

The latest edition of TrueStyleMusic’s Spotify playlist is now live, featuring 17 tracks from across the world’s best indie, rock and alternative up and coming artists, all discovered through Musosoup.

If you are looking to get onto the next edition of the TrueStyleMusic Spotify playlist, click here to sign up to Musosoup.

Kicking things off is Sometimes by March Twenty-One. This newly formed rock band from London combine an 80s classic rock sound with elements of modern indie-rock. Taking influence from The Killers and Kings of Leon, this is one band you want to look out for.

This is followed by Idle Threats from Fur Echo. This track is taken from their latest EP, titled R, released at the end of July this year. This track talks about eternal and unconditional love through their unique indie style, making this another banger.

Next is Milking A Deadman by Alpha Signal. This Scottish based hard rock band combine influences from Biffy Clyro, Reuben, Jamie Lenman and others to create their sound. These guys gained a lot of popularity from playing live pre-lockdown, and released their debut single back in July.

Proceeding this is Can’t Win by Robi Mitch. This Dream-pop artist from Bristol combines summer psych with a touch of soul.

We’re So Sorry, the latest track from Sunderland’s NOYOU is next. This song is their 8th single release this year, and their brilliant combination of heavy rock and big synth riffs make this another perfect summer soundtrack.

This is followed by Easy by Props. Falling into a mix of indie and rock categories, this single has been making headway since it was released at the end of last month.

Next is Borrowed Time by Fly The Nest, the 5th single from this Dublin based artist, also known as Stephen Cooper. The pop-rock song tells the story of the journey through someone’s life and finding their purpose, one that really makes you stop and think about yourself. This is one I really hope to see live one day.

After this is Nothing To See by Chris Wise and The Hidden Revolution. This three piece from Manchester combines a mix of guitar solos and thoughtful lyrics, this is another band to look out for.

Following this is Rose Tinted Eyes by Seprona. The Liverpool based 5 man band have made a tune that should be added to all summer playlists, and another one I cannot wait to see live.

Kid Jupiter, an indie rock band from London, have their latest single Superglue on the playlist. Pre-lockdown, the band were playing lots of shows, including supporting Calva Louise at The Roundhouse. This latest single combines indie grooves and alternative rock anthems to make another track for your summer.

Next is We Could Start A War by Somebody’s Child. This is the second single off of the bands soon to be released debut EP – 20 something. The single has already been supported by radio 1’s Jack Saunder, among other stations, and looks set to be huge.

Mind>Matter, the newest single from Any Given Room, who hail from Little Rock, all the way over in the USA, is another anthemic indie banger. The different style of each band member combine to make a track that will sound brilliant when played live.

The latest track from Augusta Sky – Dreaming – combines elements of funk, pop and house to create an ultimate chillout single, one that I can listen to over and over again. This debut single should be leading the way for more new music released over the next year.

Lonely In Soho, the latest track from Singer/Songwriter Jonny Morgan. The soft drum driven single perfectly captures Jonny’s Indie/Americana style, and is another track set to go far.

Read more about Lonely In Soho here.

Next is Roll Of The Dice by King No-One. This three piece from York continue to emphasise their message of equality and harmony through their latest indie rock single, also their second release of the year.  Sadly this year has meant no festivals for the band, but I hope to catch them at a gig as soon as it is safe to do so.

This is followed by Nightmare by BOCA, who come from the Isle Of White. The latest Indie-rock track from this three piece brilliantly capture their message of being lost, which has been reiterated by this year’s live music scene. Another banger and one to look out for if they are ever playing live near you.

The penultimate track of this edition is Elephant by Kern Parks. This London based solo artist has released his second single of the year, after making their debut in 2019. This indie-folk tune, driven by acoustic guitars and drums, explores the past, and that “elephant in the room that we all have”. This is one artist to look out for at the ‘sensible-Sunday’ style nights that you’ll see around London.

And to bring this edition of the TrueStyleMusic playlist to a close is Rising Up by Nomad Anthem. A high energy punk rock band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, their latest single is a love song of sorts, but one with a much deeper meaning to it. This song makes it the perfect end to the playlist, a song of hope among a dark time for the live music industry, something we all want to save.

TrueStyleMusic is also supporting the Music Venue Trust’s “save our venues” campaign. Read more about that here

I caught up with Will from Earl Gray Collective about their latest single LANDSLIDE

Released on the 31st January, Landslide, the latest track from Earl Grey Collective, is the perfect smooth-groove summer track. The combination of Funk and Blues make it a perfect late night with friends track to vibe with.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with front man Will:

Tell us a bit about the band. Where are you from and how did you all meet?

We’re pretty spread out actually, Katie hales from Hampshire, Zac from Woking, Will from Cardiff and Alex came from Australia! The band was formed in 2 separate stages, Me (Will) and Katie met at university and had the idea to start a band back then but it wasn’t until we finished Uni and after a bit of hard thinking that we asked Zac (who I knew from church) to be involved. We asked Zac if he knew any other bass players who had some serious groove and he suggested Alex, we met up a couple of times and the rest is history.

Where does the name “Earl Gray Collective” come from?

We came up with the name when I (Will Gray) met Katie Earl at university. On hearing each other’s last names we decided that we should either get married or start a band. Needless to say we formed a band!

You recently released your latest single, Landslide. Can you tell us what this song means to you?

I wrote the song around the time that I was getting married and it’s a reflection on the whole “through thick and thin” nature of the promises I made. I guess it’s kind of a reminder to myself that life’s not always perfect and I’m certainly not, and that love isn’t just about a good feeling but about choosing to care for the other even when it’s difficult.  

Is this a hint at more new music on the way?

Yes, it definitely is! We’re releasing one a month (if all goes to plan) leading up our EP release, so keep on the look out. 

Who produced this music? Have you worked with them before?

We self produce our music with most direction coming from the incredibly talented drummer/producer extraordinaire Katie Earl and myself. 

Where do you look for inspiration and influence in your music?

For me the music and songwriting that have moved me most are ones telling stories. Whether through the emotions evoked by certain sounds or by well crafted lyrics driving the imagination. As a kid I could get lost for hours in the stories of Laura marling, Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver and John Mayer and I think it’s safe to say their way of writing stories has continued to form and inspire my music. As a band however we draw inspiration from all over the place, we’ve all got interests in slightly different areas and genres

What, would you say, was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome when making your music?

Ooooh that’s a difficult one, I guess at this point in our career when for us things have been slow, the big hurdle and obstruction to the creative process is just playing the numbers game. Trying to get out of a mind set of “who’s heard it” to am I enjoying what I create and write has been a big hurdle to overcome for me (Will).

What advice would you give to people looking to make music?

I guess I’d say 1: write a lot and then just keep writing and 2: Just have fun. Making great music can have a real technical element to it but if you forget about the spark behind why you write and the emotions you’re trying to evoke then it can quickly become just a task to complete rather than a joy to make

Did you have any plans to go on tour? Are you hoping to play any shows when we are all allowed back out?

No plans currently for a tour although who knows what the future holds. Yeah we’ll definitely get on the gigging as soon as it’s safe to do so (although who knows when that’ll be!)

Where can we find out more about you?

The main place we hang out is on instagram which you can find here:


Otherwise you can follow us on FB or even have a look at our new website.



Anything you would like to tell us?

We’ve actually just released the music video we made for Landslide this week which was a heck of a lot of fun to make so if you fancy checking that out on our youtube page that would be awesome. 

These guys are definitely one to look out for, and I hope to catch them at a gig soon. Until then, I’d like to thank Will for taking the time to answer my questions and wish him and the band all the best for the future.

I chatted to Leopard Rays about their latest single BROTHER

After the release of their latest killer single –Brother, I thought it would be good to chat to the four piece from Hartlepool about all things music. Read our conversation here:

Tell us a bit about the band? Where are you from? How did you meet?

We come from a little old town called Hartlepool in the North East of England. Beautiful place with a rich musical culture. Myself (Luke) and Sean went to school together and have always been jamming. We met Tom at a New Years eve party and it was not long after that we started playing with Dave. It’s been a blast so far.

Where does the name Leopard Rays come from?

So, i was in Florida a few years back and enjoying my time around some of the theme parks when i came to a Sting Ray pool on the day we went to SeaWorld and there was this massive fucking Sting Ray thing at the bottom of the pool. I noticed it was called a Leopard Whip-Ray. Kinda just came to me then and I made a mental note and when the band formed, that was it.

Have you played many shows before lockdown? How were they?

Oh god, yeah. I can’t remember fully but off the top of my head i think we have played like 50 maybe since the beginning.

You recently released your latest single Brother. Tell us a little about it?

This was the very first Leopard Rays song to get put on the table, I wrote it years back and it worked perfectly for us. It rarely left our set too , we love playing it. It’s one of them songs that we can really channel our energy, crowds seem to dig this one too!

Is this a hint at more songs on the way?

Absolutely, we have the release of our Debut EP which is coming later on in the summer. Got more music after that to which is ready to go. 

Who produced this music? How was it working with them?

Chris McManus from Blank Studios in Newcastle Upon Tyne. A righteous dude and a real craftsman in the studio. We always worked with Chris and everytime its a pleasure. 

How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?

The standard really, binge watching series’, gaming, baking, drinking. For the most part anyway. Been getting a lot of new songs demoed too and we have done a live stream or two.

Which artists are you currently listening to?

The Amazons, Tom Misch, Marketplace, Venus, R.E.M, Smashing Pumpkins.

Where can we find out more about you?

We are starting our own Podcast called “MIGHT AS FUCKING WELL” that’ll be available via our facebook and Instagram and hopefully Spotify too, you will see our true selves in that should you all decide to tune in. 

Our website is a good place to start – https://www.musicglue.com/leopard-rays/

Anything you would like to tell us?

Stay safe, look after yourselves and others, it’s a weird time for us all. 

I’d like to thank Luke for taking the time to answer my question and I want to wish him and the rest of the band all the best for the future. I hope to catch them at a show one day!

I chatted to Nick Howe about his latest single WIDE AWAKE

After the release of latest single, Wide Awake, released back in July, I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a chat with Nick Howe. Nick has also released IT BELONGS TO HER this year, and his debut EP, The Struggle Is Real, was released back in 2016. This multi-talented singer-songwriter is definitely one to watch out for.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from and where did music start for you?

My name is Nick Howe, I am a Singer/Songwriter and I was brought up in a household of musicians, my Dad actually signed to EMI the same week as Kate Bush. He didn’t have massive success in music but has been a successful actor for many years. At the age of 15 I was really inspired to get into songwriting after a trauma and watching my dad write songs for many years.

Songwriting is and was one of the most therapeutic things I do.

If you were to sum up your style in three words, what would you say?


Tell us about your latest single Wide Awake. What does this song mean to you?

The song was inspired by a friend’s battle with addiction, subsequent realisation and path to recovery. The song is especially relatable during lockdown, as many of us have been forced to look inward without the usual distractions and temptations of life. I hope it might provide comfort for people going through the same struggles during these strange times.

Is this a hint at more new music on the way?

Yes! I cannot wait to share the next singles and EP coming out for the rest of the year. The new music video will be out very soon.

Did you have any help with the making and producing process? How did that go?

Yes, I love the process of collaboration, My producer Callum Rose was really inspiring to work with on this.

It was a pleasure to work with Billy Lockett on this too, he’s a great songwriter and has taught me a lot about the process of writing. 

How do you look to find inspiration?

Jeff Buckley had a profound effect on me.  Other inspirations include Bon Iver and Trent Reznor, I like that they focus on pushing boundaries. 90% of my songs are written about people in my life.  I tend to be inspired by people and by situations. I find falling in love and falling out of love can be the best inspirations for the raw powerful songs.  In my experience, being in a heightened emotional state tends to inspire the best songs.

Who made the lyric video?

Mertcan Mertbilek http://mertcanmertbilek.com/

Did you play many shows pre-lockdown? Any plans to go back on the road when we are allowed to gigs?

Yes! I was gigging like crazy in the past five years. I actually just moved to Prague as it was one of the only cities with Live music during Lockdown. We are setting up some big events here and in Germany. All will be announced soon. I am heading to Berlin next before I come back to London.

Where do you hope to be this time next year?

My main ambition is to headline festivals so playing more festivals and push boundaries with my music and touring. I love playing in unconventional locations and next year we will be announcing an unconventional tour in Museums, galleries, natural spots.

In addition to this we hope to break a record collaborating with the most dancers in lockdown in a music video.

Where can we find out more about you?


Anything you would like to tell us?

Please keep an eye out for the follow up music video out in 2 days Aug 6th. Also, the follow up single coming is out on 28th Aug.

Well, you heard it here folks. Go and check out Nick’s latest single, Wide Awake, as well as the rest of his discography, and I hope to be able to catch him at show one day!

GIG ALERT: Chris Webb and Lonely Tourist at Chapel Arts Centre, Bath – 29th August

Remember real gigs? Standing in a crowded room full of strangers, circle pits and singalongs?

Unfortunatly, those won’t be back for a little while. But in the meantime, socially distanced gigs can take place, and Bristol favourites Chris Webb and Lonely Tourist are playing a double headline act at Chapel Arts Centre in Bath on Saturday 29th August.

Chris Webb is a modern folk musician from Bristol, performing professionally over the country since 2012. Often seen as lead guitarist for Gaz Brookfield, when Chris plays solo it’s a journey of intricate lyrical whimsy with complex fingerstyle guitar.

Lonely Tourist is a Glaswegian performer currently living in Bristol playing high-energy foot-tapping indie-folk. Expect a stomping beat, Glaswegian chat and memorable songs.

Due to reduced capacity, there is a minimum booking of two tickets. Tickets cost £10 each and can be found here.