We chatted to Jake from DeadWax about their new single NORTHERN BEHAVIOR

After playing to The Crofters Rights in Bristol earlier this month, we took the oppertunity to chat to DeadWax frontman Jake Milburn about their new single, shows and all other things music.

Can you tell us a bit about DeadWax? Who are you, where are you from and how did you all meet? 

DeadWax are an alt-grime rock band from Leeds, West Yorkshire. We’ve been mates since we were kids, and started the band when we were in high school. 

Where did the name come from? 

The dead wax is in the middle of the vinyl where the record stops. Think my Dad might’ve come up with it and we thought it was pretty cool.

If I had to use the phrase For Fans Of, who would you liken yourselves to? 

RATM/Beastie Boys/Astroid Boys.

You recently released your new single Northern Behaviour, can you tell us a bit about this?

I wrote the lyrics about me and Sol (bassist) working together on a building site for a couple years in our late teens. Sol sent us all a badass riff, and we all jumped on it!

Who produced it? Is it your first time working with them? How did you find the process? 

We’ve been working with Mike Krompass for the last year or so, he’s fucking awesome. He really gets behind the record. We record at Base Culture UK which has an immense live room for drums. I’d recorded a decent demo and messed around with some keys and extra synth lines, and it was cool to build on those ideas with Mike. There’s a lot of depth to the mix and the quality is insane. 

You’ve played a couple of dates so far on your UK tour, what’s still to come? 

We’ve got the Railway Inn Winchester this Friday (14th), then we’re off to London (The Macbeth Hoxton, 22nd) Sheffield (Corporation, 29th) and Nottingham (The Old Cold Store, 30th). It’s been great to get down the country a bit on this tour! 

How have the first shows been? 

Bristol was a bit quiet, but you can’t expect anything when you’re going to a city you’ve never played, especially at the other end of England – shout out to those that got along! Leeds was banging as usual, and Hull was wicked too. 

What’s next for DeadWax? 

There’s at least another single on the way later this year, but that’s all I can say right now. My hands, unfortunately, are tied…

Anything else you would like to tell us? 

If you ain’t heard it yet, go check out Northern Behaviour on whatever you blast tunes on, and check out the video on our YouTube. Give us a follow on Insta and head over to deadwaxofficial.com for tickets and merch.

I’d like to thank Jake for taking the time to answer my questions and wish him and the band the best of luck for the future.

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