Live review: Deadwax with Hypothetics, The Crofters Rights, 31st March 2023

Celebrating the release of their brand new single, Northern Behaviour, these northern boys brought the first show of their run to Bristol’s legendary Crofters Rights, their first trip down south as a band.

Opening the show was local boys Hypotechnics, who brought their indie-funk-punk style to the early and eager crowd. We were treated to their sew single, Freelove, the first released single from their upcoming EP.

As a band, they weren’t much for talking, instead going from one song straight into the next, and playing for the full 45 minutes. The crowd wasn’t massive, but they were certainly keen, keeping the energy going and the dance moves flowing.

And a short break and stage change and then it was onto the main act of the night.

Being the relatively new kids of the block, DeadWax had a lot riding on their shoulders. First show in the south, new single just out, an unfamiliar crowd – they had a lot to live up to.

Frontman Jake was beckoning people to come in, and then they were straight into their first track – Warning. It’s clear these guys know their stuff when it comes to music, with influences coming from all over creating a sound that is unique and enjoyable. I was getting Skindread, Trash Boat, even a bit of pop-punk in there. DeadWax would certainly hold a place at a festival like Download.

It was a real shame that the support band and their friends didn’t stick around, and instead opted to sit in the bar, as they missed a real show on Friday night. But never mind, the ones who stayed had a great time listening and moving along to the music.

We were treated to two new songs for the night as well, with Expectations making its live debut, a song that goes down the emo road, as well as their single that was released Friday  – Northern Behaviour.

And to end the night was Lifestyle, an as yet unreleased track, but one that sounded just as good as the rest of the set. And that was it, an absolutely mind blowing performance from the band, especially for their first time in Bristol. It’s a shame more people didn’t come along to see the show, or stick around after the support. But if these four boys from Leeds keep working as hard as they are, I’m sure they are going to go far.

Review and photos by Ted Stargatt (no use without permission)

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