Live review: Olivia Dean at Trinity Centre. 7th March 2023

Trinity centre was blessed by being the first stop on Olivia Dean’s sold out UK and Europe tour, and what a night! Queues of excited fans lined the streets of Bristol as they eagerly awaited the show despite the cold weather, which is truly a credit to the relationship that Dean has built with her fans over the past couple of years.

Dean treated the buzzing crowd to a packed 15 song set, her enthusiasm and voice never faltering once. Backed up by her talented four-piece band, fans danced along to hits like ‘ Be My Own Boyfriend” an evident favourite of the crowd who sang every word at the tops of their lungs. Dean also played classics like “Hardest Part” its raw relatability ensuring it continues playing in the heads of fans for weeks to come. She also treated her fans to new tunes such as ‘UFO’ which has rightfully become viral for its beautifully intimate lyricism and simplistic instrumentals, all of which serve to highlight her incredible vocals. Going into the gig as a fan was a joy, her live shows really show the growth and confidence that she has gained as an entertainer. This again, is underlined by her stunning cover of Kelis’ “Millionaire” which had the whole room grooving to her velvety tones. 

Without a shadow of a doubt Olivias success is celebrated by fans and other artists alike, Dean has features on hugely popular Rudimental and Loyle carners’ newest albums, and shows no signs of slowing down releasing new tunes, with her highly anticipated debut album coming out at the end of the year, which I am incredibly excited to listen to.

Olivia Dean is one of those artists which is suitable for every aspect of life, her songs convey a wide array of themes: Love, loss, heartbreak and growing up all delicately explored through her discography. Her stage presence is electric, she dances with her fans as though they have been friends for years, and continually reminded them of how grateful she was for the reception she has received over past years, and how she owes her success to her undoubtedly hardcore fanbase. I am extremely excited to see her blossom further once her debut album releases, and can envision her becoming an industry giant due to her.

Words and photos by Rosie Risdale. No use without permission.

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