Live review: Dream State at Exchange Bristol, 20th February 2023.

An exceptional scope of post hardcore with a dash of modern rock, Dream State supplies a range of heavy tracks with a sprinkle of pop punk influence. 

After seeing a few semi recent line up changes, vocalist Jessie Powell has big boots to fill, so put on your walking boots, we’re going for a hardcore hike. Controlled and yet yet fucking load, Powell has a well rehearsed sound that is dominant and forceful. 

Right from the off the band is an explosion of noise and energy, each band member bouncing off the other in a hardcore mess of heavy music.

The Exchange being a good fit, intimate yet rowdy, a perfect place to hold a sold out show on Dream States newest EP tour. This EP is fairly exceptional, it’s chaotically emotional, verses and lyrics that feel impassioned and personal. And also riffs. 

As the band makes their way through the short but powerful set, the mosh pits open up and the crowd keep the energy high. One brave sole stage dives, and from then on it is a free for all. Bodies fly, cameras snap and the excitement somehow builds even more.

Audience enchanted, many Dream State T Shirts visible all around the room, each crowd member revered at this ensemble. “Get ready to move, this is Taunt Me” guitarist bellowed as he urged the crowd to move, jump and let loose.

This is met with thunderous applause and cheers, before quickly getting on with the next song.

Primrose brings the night to a close, with one more display of near anarchy inside that small, sweaty room on a Monday night in Bristol.

Dream State are a band who have already done big things, and have even bigger things to come. You can catch them at a few festivals this year, including Lume, Teddy Rocks, In It Together, Burn It Down and 2000 Trees.

The new EP, Untethered is out now.

Photos by Kate Feast (no use without permission)
Words by Kate Feast and Ted Stargatt.

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