Live review: Kate Rusby celebrating Christmas at The Forum, Bath

Kate Rusby is one of the most beloved singers and performers in the UK. She is known for her soulful renditions of traditional folk songs and her heartfelt ballads. To celebrate the festive season, she embarked on a Christmas tour this year. For her tour, Kate Rusby performed a range of traditional Christmas songs, classic carols, and modern twists on classic festive classics.

The tour kicks off in the beautiful city of Bath at the Bath Forum, it’s a cold and frosty evening but that hasn’t stopped the many fans from turning up to the event. Tonight promises to be the start of Christmas for these loyal folk with a blend of Yorkshire carols, specific carols still sung in the pubs of South Yorkshire which Rusby holds dear to her heart.

Tonight Rusby is joined onstage by a some very talented musicians including her husband Damien O’Kane and a very good brass quintet known as “The Brass Boys”

Rusby wearing a sparkly dress, which was chosen before the show by the daughter of a friend, begins with a brief explanation of the evening and a little bit of joking and banter to get the crowd warmed up.

The two part set is well thought out, starting with “Hark Hark” and “Cornish Wassaling” the end of the first set comes with a beautiful version of “Little Town of Bethlehem” with the soft and warm vocals from Rusby, this was greeted with a loud cheers from the audience who have now warmed up.

Set Two begins with a nice variety of songs which includes “Let the Bells Ring” and a cover of “Winter Wonderland”

For the encore we are treated to a different version of “Sweet Bells” and the conclusion to the set is “We Wish You a Merry Christmas? which the audience join in with.

Rusby and her band of very gifted musicians served up a truly charming concert that melted the hearts of the crowd on a very cold December evening and i am sure had Scrooge himself been present it would have even warmed his cold heart.

Words and photos by Martin Smith

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