Live review: The Pretty Reckless with The Cruel Knives – Bristol. 1/11/22

Tonight’s support came from The Cruel Knives, a 4 piece hard rock/alternative rock band from the UK who are a perfect fit for a warm up act with their crashing drums and thundering bass and shrieking guitars and powerful vocals.

After a short break, The Pretty Reckless appear onto a dark stage to the sound of a siren that is loud and gets the attention of the sold out venue. A blast of strong lighting gets the show underway and they launch into the first song, title track Death by Rock and Roll, as Taylor Momsen struts out onto the stage wearing a black leather jacket, short black slip/dress and her big soled black boots and with her long flowing blonde hair she launches into the track with her power ridden vocals hitting the crowd. We are off on a music filled extravaganza!

Tracks Since you’re gone, Only Love can Save Me Now and So It Went follow in quick succession as Momsen struts her way around the stage cavorting and playing up to the crowd, who are firmly in the palm of her hand. Next up is arguably their biggest hit to date and the one that catapulted them into rock stardom; Make Me Wanna Die. This one see’s everyone shouting the lyrics back at a visibly appreciative Momsen and the energy is electric. The next song to get a big reaction is Medicine as Momsen straps on a guitar and invites everyone to join in, which they willing do as Momsen screams “Bristol you are awesome.”

The slower track Take Me Down is announced as the final track, met by screams of boo as the now frenzied audience doesn’t want this musical free fall to end. As it finishes the band exit stage right and the waiting crowd stamp their feet and whistle loudly some shouts of “Taylor Taylor!”. The band return to the stage after a few minutes and Momsen thanks them for an amazing night. This really is the last song Momsen proclaims as they launch into Fucked up World with its power drum intro and Momsen lets rip with her gripping vocals and the place errupts again.

Its great to see that The Pretty Reckless are back to their best with a very polished performance that was full on from start to finish and the audience left very entertained and full-filled.

Review and Photos By Martin Smith. No use without permission.

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