Although released back at the end of March, we thought we would like to introduce you to Tel-Aviv based alternative hip-hop artist AGAT and her latest album.

With The Incrowd is a harsh but neccissary look into society, especially it’s addiction to glutinous and materialistic behaviours. AGAT is an artist that is not from the typical background of most of what you probably listen to, and she wants to make a point with that.

Explaining the feelings behind the album, AGAT explains “I talk about the problems that I see around me, and potentially on others in the world. I feel that there’s this need for immediate satisfaction that causes people to act in certain ways, that I also follow myself, and these lead me to feeling depressed or like I’m not moving anywhere real.”

Even down to the album artwork, with one colour and a simple picture, when paired with the album it shares the important message of this horrid thing that we just cannot get rid of.

AGAT can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify

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