Live review – Heavy Salad with Silent K – The Lanes – 30/04/22

The Lanes in Bristol is always known for putting on a mix of fun and exciting live gigs from all different genres, and Saturday night’s show was certainly no exception.

After a slightly chaotic start getting everything set up and ready to go, the night was started off by the mighty Silent K, who can come down from Liverpool for the show. And as soon as they started, that chaos continued, just this time it was on stage and a bit more controlled.

For an 8pm gig, these boys still rocked out hard, and by the end they fully won the crowd over, with people dancing around the front and having a great time. I’m sure they went away with some more fans of their music.

A special mention has to go to their keys player for the coolest style, rocking the bear hat and sunglasses for an early evening, indoor gig!

Then next on was Heavy Salad, from Manchester.

Although they were a bit less chaotic and a bit more calm than Silent K, they still put on a good show for the crowd. Just like before, it took a couple of songs to get the crowd on side, but once they were it was a party atmosphere, with more dancing and good times.

I personally love it when a band splits lead vocals between two of them, to me it shows that they have good chemistry as a band and they clearly get on well together, and it’s even better when it’s a male/female split.

I found out after the show that this was in fact a stripped down set for Heavy Salad, and that they normally play with 7 of them on stage! I was massively blown away by just the four of them on stage on Saturday night, I can only imagine what the full band must be like.

A personal song favourite of mine has to be Joggers From Mossley To Malibu Beach, their latest single. Complete with a crowd singalong, this made the night even better.

And as the night continued more people came and danced along, the space slowly filling up with people after a good night out. Although it wasn’t quite sold out, it was still a good atmosphere, with everyone able to have some space to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

And before we knew it, that was the end of the show! Although it wasn’t a massive set list, Heavy Salad were certainly crowd pleasers, and hopefully went away with a few news fans. I’ll be seeing both Heavy Salad and Silent K again given the chance, and I’m sure others who were there will be as well.

As always, a massive thanks goes out to the venue and bar staff, the sound tech, promoters and both bands for putting on and playing great sets.

Review and photos by Ted Stargatt for TrueStyleMusic

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