Live review: PET NEEDS with Berries and Oxbowlake – 02/04/22

As part of the last night of their mini UK tour and their last show on home soil for 4 months, East Coast Punk Rockers PET NEEDS came to the Louisiana to play a sell-out show in front of a crowd of absolute madness!

Before the show, we chatted to Johnny about all things music. Check out our interview here.

Opening the show was Oxbowlake, an acoustic duo. A new discovery for me, but there was certainly plenty of people who knew their songs already there last night. And for those who didn’t, it wasn’t long before we did! What an opener these guys were, they raised the roof and got the crowd going perfectly, an awesome opener.

Up next was Xtramile friends and the wonderfully talented Berries. This is the 4th time I’ve seen Berries live, and I swear they get even better every time! This is the first time I’ve seen them since the release of their new single Wall Of Noise, and I’m instantly in love with it! If the crowd wasn’t already pretty warmed up from Oxbow Lake, Berries got the rest of them ready, with a mosh pit even breaking out by the end of the set!

And then it was onto the main set of the night! PET NEEDS always bring their full energy to all their shows, and being the last night of the tour and in the UK for a little while, we knew it would be even more insane, and it was that and more!

Right from the off, Johnny was running around the stage like a man possessed, getting into the crowd and even crowd surfing by the second song. Opening the show with Overcompensating was certainly a good choice, and it set the energy for the rest of the night!

As well as some of the older and certainly more popular songs, we were also treated to a couple of new ones, hopefully they’ll feature on the new album because the crowd were certainly loving it!

The mosh pits and singalongs continued all the way to the end, and although there was still some good crowd interaction, these boys didn’t waste time and kept playing and kept that energy up as much as they could for the whole of the show. And of course, the first big finish of the night had to be Tracey Emin’s Bed, keeping the crowd going.

And after a semi walk-off-walk-on (you can’t really walk off at The Louisiana), they were back for one more song, which had to be Toothpaste. I don’t think there was a single person not singing along, to the song that I think one day will be a show closer classic, when they start headlining the biggest and best stages across the world, like these boys really deserve to.

And that was it. The end of a hot and sweaty last show of the tour and last show in the UK for a little while, and what a show it was. I cannot thank Johnny, George, Rich and Jack enough for their amazing show, as well as the lovely people from Berries and Oxbowlake for their brilliant sets. And of course, to the team at The Louisiana, DHP and Xtramile for putting this on.

Tickets for Frank Turner’s upcoming tour of Europe and the USA, with PET NEEDS as support, can be found here.

Words and photos by Ted Stargatt for TrueStyleMusic. All photos copyright Ted Stargatt for TrueStyleMusic

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