Live Review – Paul Draper with Love Amongst Ruin. The Fleece Bristol 16/03/22

Touring his well-reviewed new album, Cult Leader Tactics, frontman of Mansun Paul Draper bought his show to Bristol’s legendary music venue The Fleece.

The show was opened by Love Amongst Ruin (or the front half of), playing a semi-stripped back acoustic style set. They played a selection of their music from over the years, but in a new style that was specially rehearsed and developed for this tour.

Steve and Gizz played well together, and you can tell that these two were more than just band mates, bouncing and joking off each other for the whole set, and doing their job as a warm up band perfectly.

And then it was onto the main set of the night. Paul came on with his backing guitarist Ben, and without hesitation got straight into the title track of the new album. Although most people in the audience didn’t know his music too well, there was certainly a few dedicated fans singing back the words to Paul.

The theme of stripped back and raw was kept up from the support band, with Paul putting his full emotions into his songs, songs that you can tell come from the heart, and are well written. Ben did an excellent job of keeping the rhythm of the sound going, and making sure Paul kept himself going.

Of course the night couldn’t go by without Paul taking a picture of the crowd who had showed up to see him play, and although he confessed he was no longer allowed on social media for getting in too many arguments, he assured us the management would get the picture out into the world.

Overall, it was a lovely night of stripped back music and good times, from all who played on stage. I’d like to thank Paul and Ben for their main set, and Steve and Gizz from Love Amongst Ruin for putting on a brilliant show opener.

Review and photos by Ted Stargatt for TrueStyleMusic

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