NEW SINGLE from Frank Turner: A Wave Across A Bay

Today, Frank Turner has shared his latest single – A Wave Across A Bay, taken from the new album FTHC, out 11th February.

The song, dedicated to Scott Hutchinson from Frightened Rabbit, is one lots of us can relate to. A song of loss and sadness, but also one of hope, and the future.

The song got it’s first airplay on Steve Lemacq’s BBC radio 6 music show earlier today, and it’s now available to stream everywhere.

FTHC tracklisting

1.“Non Serviam”
2.“The Gathering”
3.“Haven’t Been Doing So Well”
4.“Untainted Love”
6.“My Bad”
8.“A Wave Across a Bay”
9.“The Resurrectionists”
11.“Perfect Score”
12.“The Work”
13.“Little Life”
14.“Farewell to My City”

Deluxe version

15.“The Zeitbeast”
16.“The House Where I Was Raised”
17.“Haven’t Been Doing So Well” (acoustic)
18.“A Wave Across a Bay” (acoustic)
19.“Punches” (acoustic)
20.“The Work” (acoustic)

Unfortunately Frank’s UK tour dates have been cancelled, but the Europe dates, Lost Evenings V and a few other shows are still planned to go ahead. Dates and tickets can be found here.

We chatted to Frank about the new album and a host of other stuff at ‘The Gathering’ show in Frome back in August, check it out here.

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