Lost Evenings Day 3 recap

Day three of lost evenings was all about England Keep My Bones, being the 10 year anniversary of the album.  

But first was the wonderful ‘Lunch At The Lock’, hosted by Xtra mile recordings. Throughout the afternoon, we were treated to brilliant acoustic sets from Berries, PET NEEDS and Beans On Toast, who stood in for Johnny Lloyd. I also had the opportunity to ask PET NEEDS a few questions before their set, you can check out our interview here. 

And before any of the evening entertainment at the Roundhouse kicked off, I had the opportunity to attend the Panel with Frank, Matt, Ben, Tarrent and Producer Tristen, hosted by Ian Winwood. An interesting discussion into where the album came from, favourite songs, stories behind them and how the band became who they are today. 

Opening the NA stage was Wilswood Buoys, a fun and incredibly talented acoustic duo. They showcased their skills to the small, but very interested crowd that had gathered to watch. Sadly the clashes meant I couldn’t check out their full set, but I’m lead to believe they kept showcasing even more of their talent. 

Lottery Winners were the first act to take to the main stage of the evening, playing a mix of songs from across their discography, and even capturing more footage for the upcoming video for Much Better. Front man Thom has a stage presence that most bands can only dream of. This time, Frank actually joined them on stage for Start Again. For a more in depth review of The Lottery Winners, have a read of what happened when we saw them in Bristol just last week!

Back over to the NA stage, this time for Morning Crush. I’ve actually known about Tim and his music for about 6 months, since we chatted about his single Peaceful Mind. Another incredible showcase of talent, both as a solo artist and as a full band.  

Up next on the main stage was Nova Twins. A band I was yet to properly check out, these two rocked the stage. From friends, I was told they were a bit heavier live than on their albums, but just like Jamie Lenman on day 2, it was the best way to get the crowd warmed up and let out some built up aggression.  

And then it was onto the (arguably) the main show of the whole weekend. England Keep My Bones is a personal favourite album, and to hear it live and in full was something special for me.  

Frank opened with Sailors Boots, not an opening I was expecting, but nevertheless still awesome, and the crowd was singing along instantly. But then when that opening hum started for I Am Disappeared, the crowd went insane! Followed by One Foot Before The Other, it was non-stop energy and passion, from those on stage and watching. 

It was a first time seeing Pass It Along as a full band for me, and one I think Frank hasn’t played as a full band for a while, as well as To Absent Friends. Although a song about a friend literally leaving, that’s one of those songs that just means so much to many people.  

And with songs like Peggy Sang The BluesNights Become Days, Rivers and Wanderlust, you just cannot beat the setlist. 

For the first time this weekend (but I’m not expecting it to be the last, hint hint tonight…), Frank also had Jess on stage doing backing vocals, as well as strings, and even the music legend that is Chris T-T join him and the band for some songs.  

Redemption, Eulogy, I Still Believe and If Ever I Stray were all amazing songs to bring in for the second half, and I don’t there were any still feet across the whole of the roundhouse.  

And to top it all off, Glory Hallelujah brought the night to a close. Although not my first thoughts for a closing song, Frank made it work well and all the crowd loved it. Whatever your beliefs, it was a moment of unity in a year that has felt anything but united.  

Greatest hits tonight, one final time to party and have a good time. 

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