We chatted to ROOSKIN about their new single ELOISE

Released one week ago, Rooskin’s new single has already got potential to be something big. We chatted to the band about all things music

Can you tell us a bit about Rooskin? Who are you and where are you all from?

We’re mainly from Essex apart from Buddy who’s from London! We each bring a unique influence to the table from straight pop hooks to absolutely math jazz synth lines.

If you had to sum each band member up with one word, what would you choose?

Rob – Dad
Matt – Uncertain
Felix – Chilled
Peter – Busy
Buddy – Wizard

You recently released your new single Eloise. Can you tell us a bit about what the song means to you, as a band?

It feels a lot like picking up where we left off. After so much time away from creating finished pieces of music it’s really nice to return to a familiar and well developed sound.

It’s a track that’s full of energy which is what we feel we and the rest of the artistic community have at the moment. A real eagerness to make the most of things, which I think is reflected in the lyrics.

Is Eloise a real person? If so, how has she interacted with your lives?

Yeah, she’s real! Eloise showed me this dead surfy tune that I loved and while trying to work out the riff in the song she’d shown me I stumbled upon a different new riff which became the intro to our single “Eloise”. Then after I slapped some chords over the top it felt only right that the lyrics reflected her in some kinda way.

Obviously, we decided the most subtle and artistic way was for Matt to belt her name for 3 bars in the chorus amidst a choir of psychedelic angels!

Is this new single a hint at more new music to come?

So many tunes in the bank – I’m itching to get them out! We have a nice variety of singles ready see us through to next summer when we’ll hopefully release my favourite song EVER and take over the world!

How does this single compare to your EP released last year, Honey Spells?

I think “Eloise” is a good first step after our EP. I feel like the EP cemented the area of the sound we were aiming for, this single is the first branch off of that sound… where will the next branch take us? Stay tuned!

Are there any plans to play any live shows?

Things have come back to life seemingly overnight! We played our first show with The Waterfalls who we owe a debt of gratitude for getting us back into a good state in terms of playing live! We have more lined up and we’re scheming some pretty exciting shows for the end of this year and into next year too!

What artists is each band member currently listening to?

Rob – Labi Siffre and Frankie Valli
Matt – Mystery Jets, Jimi Hendrix & Sunflower Bean
Felix – Metronomy and Mac Demarco
Peter – Silk Sonic
Buddy – Foo Fighters vs Earth, Wind & Fire

What advice would you give to those looking to make music?

Don’t try too hard, don’t be too precious and if it sounds good, do it – even if it’s ridiculous!

Where can we find out more about you?

Instagram is probably our most active social but we’re on all the other good ones! @rooskinband

Anything else you would like to tell us?

Just thanks for listening & stay tuned for endless cruisy tunes!

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