We chatted to SUNSTINGER about their new EP – Beyond The Frame

Can you tell us a bit about Sunstinger? Where are you from and how did you all meet?

Sunstinger was originally a recording project. We have all been in bands in the area, some of us in bands together. We wanted to just record some stuff and see how things would turn out. We got a few gigs and got the buzz back to start gigging again and it’s just progressed from there.

We are from various small mining villages in Fife, Scotland. Apart from our drummer Nick who was born in Spain but is from our main town in Fife, Dunfermline.

Where did the name Sunstinger come from?

The name means absolutely nothing unfortunately. We just stuck the first two words that came to mind together and that was that. There wasn’t much thought into a name as we did not know where we were going with the project. Do we wish we came up with something else? Maybe.

You recently released new EP Beyond The Frame. Any tracks that stand out as band favourites?

Everyone has different favourites, which I think is a good thing! We have alot of different styles and sometimes we change back and forth… I prefer our more melodic songs like Nothing’s Alright, Leave Me Alone and All My Friends Are High. Whereas our guitarist gourlay prefers the more 80s influenced stuff like The Void and Shimmer.

Who produced Beyond The Frame? Have you worked with them before? How did you find working with them?

The EP was produced by Magnus Collie. He plays a huge part In the way this band sound has developed. He’s pretty much the 5th member. We won’t work with any else, we have no reason to.

What were some of the biggest challenges to overcome when making music, especially during a pandemic?

The pandemic has been challenging trying to keep active. Just before the pandemic hit we were really starting to see the numbers at shows and things were picking up pretty fast. It was unlucky but we kept releasing songs and have managed to keep busy during the time. We just can’t wait to play live again. In this EP we tried to capture the drive and energy of our live shows.

You guys released a lot of new music in 2020, and even before. How would you say Beyond The Frame compares to your older releases?

We experimented with a few different sounds in our releases. I think the EP is what we were building towards. It’s exactly how we wanted it to sound and were very proud of how it’s turned out.

Can we expect any live shows from you guys soon?

Yes, we’re booked to play a hometown show in Dunfermline at PJ Molloys on 8th October. This will be our first show back by the looks of things and we have two great local support acts lined up. T-A and Jupiter Strange.

Where can we find out more about you?

Check our Facebook page and Instagram for updates

Both @sunstinger

And if you haven’t already go and purchase our EP from bandcamp. Grab a limited 12″ vinyl!

And, because they are always forgotten in interviews, any last words from the drummer?

He’s not here but if he was I reckon he would say “quien tiene los doritos?” Then fall back asleep.

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