We chatted to Megan from MLR management about all things music

This might be a bit different from our normal interviews, but should still be just as interesting. Megan Riley spearheads MLR management, and we thought it would be cool to have a chat with her about everything music.

Can you tell us a bit about MLR Management? What do you do and where are you based?

Of course! So I am a student based in Preston, who established MLR management in her very little spare time – haha! Mlr management is “dedicated to championing new musicians and empowering them to achieve their dreams.”

What about a bit about yourself? Where did your journey into the world of music begin?

Lockdown! Lockdown takes all of the credit. I have always loved music but having extra
time on my hands has allowed me to start things I wouldn’t have normally been able to do. The M Word Music Blog was the start of all this, and then I was offered a radio show slot on Indie Rocks which I have had to halt temporarily. I also organized my own music festival but due to coronavirus guidelines, this has been postponed too! I do some part time work for a record label and then of course the birth of MLR management. My boyfriend pays in a band and initially, the company was birthed to help expand their fan base.

What have been some of your favourite artists to work with?

I’d say there has been a variety due to the blog and management, but:
Pseudo Cool, The Sherlocks, Red Rum Club, The Marsicians, Alpaca Factory, Red Shakes,
Greysha, Region, Taxi with Strangers and Rival Shadows! So so many to choose from, but those are just a few!

Without naming names, what do you dread when working with bands and musicians?

I have to say I don’t dread anything really, the only pet peeve I have is lack of manners. Drives me insane! I was always told to show respect / gratitude for everything, so when others don’t do the same, I find it very odd! A simple thankyou goes a long way!

What makes MLR management stand out from the rest?

I think, this is a tricky one! I have to say, not all obviously but some management companies will do the bare minimum, and hope things come from it. Whereas I give 110% always! I’ve had a lot of positive testimonies from my work which I am really proud of, so I know it’s not just me blowing my own trumpet and others agree too!

How has the pandemic affected the way you work? What have you done to overcome this?

The pandemic birthed my work so I don’t really know working any other way. I think the interesting thing will be when everything is re-open and how hectic that will be!

What is something 12 year old you would be proud of?

I love this question! Hmm, I’d like to hope everything I’m doing today. I certainly don’t think 12 year old me would have thought I’d have got this far!

Short term and long term, what is next? What are your goals?

Short term, graduate! Then hopefully progress MLR Management alongside a great job, attend a load of gigs and travel the world!

Do you have any funny stories from working in the music industry?

As boring as this sounds, I actually can’t think of any!

Where can we find out more about you?

Well, I guess I could say you can follow my socials? Haha! My personal Instagram and twitter are @meg_rileyx.

Anything else you would like to tell us?

There is alot of announcements coming very soon from MLR management so keep your eyes peeled! Also be sure to follow all the wonderful artists I am working with and give their music a listen. Taxi with Strangers, Greysha, San Francisco, Region, Rival Shadows and the almighty Red Shakes!

Thanks so much for taking the time to interview me Ted! Have a lovely week!

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