Released today across all streaming platforms and their debut song for vinyl, Shader’s new track Runaway absolutely bangs.

Talking about the new single, lead singer Stu said:

“Runaway is about the anxiety of everyday life, real vs. fake, the upsurge of talentless TV celebrity culture becoming a legitimate career move and the overwhelming desire to runaway to somewhere with some soul.

“It was written in a flat in Didsbury, Manchester and I was working at Blockbuster Video, spending all my spare time watching classic films (perks of the job), daytime TV and becoming obsessed with 80’s post-punk band The Sound.

“The guitar intro & feel are my nod to the genius of Adrian Borland of The Sound”

Credit A Supreme Shot

We chatted to Stu about all things music back when they released True To Life, last year. You can check that out here.

The band are also planning on going on tour later this year, more information to come soon…

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