Single Review – Calum Mason, All Court And Flex.

After playing with a bunch of bands around Scotland, Calum is now out there making music under his own name, and in his own way. This is what we thought of his debut song, out yesterday.

The song opens up with a piano solo, almost ballad like, before dropping into a classic Scottish indie sound – think Fatherson, Frightened Rabbit, etc.

Calum’s powerful voice manages to show its way through the heavier instrumental, and accompanied by the couple of silent spaces, make this a track that I think would work well both as an acoustic solo arrangement or a full band set.

At the minute marker, the track seems to go into an almost jazzy style, with that piano from earlier really coming through, but still with that heavy, overdriven guitar to keep the track going.

Never one to stick to one style, this song then goes into a full acoustic sound at the 1:30 point, just under halfway. But don’t worry, it soon goes back into the indie rock sound that is making me want to dance round the kitchen. And then back into another acoustic section. And then one final heavier section to finish it off.

As a track, it seems to dart around a few different ideas, but there is an overall sense of attempted forgiveness and trying to make the world a more acceptable and tolerable place. Something we all need right now.

Overall, I really like Calum’s sound. It’s clear that he is experimenting with new ideas and arrangements, and I think this is the start of what will hopefully be an awesome project for him.

The track also features on our playlist ROCK OUT.

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