REVIEW – Gentlemans Brawl’s new double A side – Roseblunt & Black Tar

Song 1 – Roseblunt

The track opens with an almost traditional indie style guitar riff, and soon goes into the heavier sounding guitars and drums, a droning, overdriven guitar compared to the heavier riffs to come. This slower guitar, accompanied by the driving drums make up a longer introduction than what is considered traditional, but one that the band have really managed to pull off. At just over a minute before the lyrics start to come in, this would make a really good set opener.

The track has more of a heavier, metal sound compared to Black Tar, bit less pop, bit more punk, and definitely has more of a head-banging-circle-pit-wall-of-death feel to it. This track also isn’t quite as vocal heavy as track 1, but from what I can tell, has mixed feelings. From getting to the end of something stale and broken, to going forward into its own area of positivity and self-efficacy.

The end of the song, with a low, metal style scream, as well as a washed out guitar riff, would also make this song the perfect set ender. One last chance to get moving, before finishing in a way that leaves people wanting more.

I think that Roseblunt is a brace new direction for the band, but I feel they have managed to pull this one off, and I’m sure future tracks to come will continue to grow.

Thomas Berridge Photography

Song 2 – Black Tar

The song opens up with a similar style riff to Roseblunt, but this time settling into the pop-punk sound that this band is known for. Think Green Day meets Artic Monkeys. The heavy, overdriven guitars and driving drums and bassline really keep this song at a high pace. To me, this song explores being on a night out, drunken and sweaty in some dive bar, while a band you’ve never heard of is playing on stage. It talks about the awkwardness of meeting someone, and falling into this nervous, drunken blur. That feeling when you should be looking for more but, in reality, you actually like where you are now. I don’t know if that is what the band were going for, but that’s what I heard from the song.

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At about halfway through the song goes into a rolling guitar riff, and soon after the drums kick back in and we go into a full blown guitar solo. I could imagine this on stage, with lights and smoke flashing everywhere while the lead guitarist shreds away. All this before going into one last, fully packed, final chorus.

Overall, two songs that would equally hold their place in a club or at a gig, and although this is a slightly new direction for the band, it is certainly a good one.

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