January’s edition of TrueStyleMusic’s playlist is now live

It’s January, it’s another lockdown and it’s another edition of TrueStyleMusic’s monthly playlist. With 10 of our favourite tracks, all discovered through Musosoup and all with new music released in the last month (ish). Expect a mix of classic rock, indie, folk, punk and everything in between.

Kicking things off this month is Red Skies Mourning, with his latest single, How Can I Believe? This one man band goes back to the routes of classic rock, with an honest track which reminds me of early Bowie, if he had a child with U2. This is also track 1 out of 4 off of Red’s debut album, set for release later this year.

Up next is C Song, from London based artist Belle. A sad, indie, acoustic melody, this song shows the loneliness and heartbreak that so many of us have experienced because of lockdown. This is one I already feel myself vibing to, and holds its own place on a radio station or a live show one day.

Following on is Youth Antics, with their latest indie-banger, This Moment. Featuring bright riffs, driving rhythms and grungy undertones, this band from St. Pete, FL are one’s worth checking out! For fans of Two Door Cinema Club, The Smiths, The Cure, this is a band for you. This song is one that gives feelings of good times, a feeling many of us could do with right now.

After this is Rise In Veins, with their debut track Unsaid. Formed when guitarist and bassist brothers met their lead singer Stephane, this band started to develop a sound of their own. Mixing classic rock with heavier influences, this Canadian trio certainly have the potential to go far as a band. The mix of lead and backing vocals, with killer guitar solos traditional of bands like Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold, make this one hot track. The band are also hoping to release more music over the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye on their socials for more information.

Next up is New Leaf, the second single from another Canadian group, Nothing Special. In contrast to the band’s name, this indie-pop-punk band certainly has some talent under their hats. They have made a name for themselves playing gigs across their hometown and further afield. The lines that finish the song, “I am lost in all directions, I’m on overdrive” really stand out to me, for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on. Nevertheless, a great track. These guys also feature as this month’s picture.

Seeing Red, the new single from London based singer-songwriter band Levy is next on this month’s playlist. Another song that fits broadly into the indie category, this song started out with the lyrics, and then the melody followed. The song explores the ideas of jealously, insecurities and the cycle that takes everything in, and is another that would hold its place on a live stage or given airtime on radio. Accompanied by folk-style guitar solos, new-wave synths and more driving percussion, this is one I’m really enjoying and looking forward to more new releases that will hopefully come.

Hybrid Kid’s newest single 1 2 3 follows on from this. This three piece of ex art school students use their influences from travelling and playing all over the world to create an indie-punk track that rocks. Having previously lived in the USA, the band are now back on home soil doing what they do best, releasing hot new tracks! Really sticking to what is in fashion at the moment, this track is one I could see rocking every small, dark underground venue across the country. Rightfully earning playtime BBC 6Music, XFM, BBC Sussex and many more, this band are certainly one to watch out for.

Coming in next is Switchdown, with their latest single WHY-PHY. A song casting off the disappointing, gig-less year that was 2020, this punchy, almost optimistic gives us hope for the time ahead. This band’s work-hard attitude has earned them a place on stage, previously supporting pop-punk icons Can’t Swim and other notable acts, including Mallory Knox. Their latest single was released yesterday, and the video to accompany it is due to drop tomorrow, one to certainly take a look at!

Old friends of TrueStyleMusic REX has released her latest single, I Can’t Lie. Taking more of a harder rock approach compared to her previous releases, REX pushes her boundaries of musical ability. This song explores the ideas of a stale relationship, falling into societal norms, and the attempt to escape from it. An awesome track, with some pretty cool artwork to go with it.

And to finish up this month’s edition, Timebomb, the latest grungy, pop-punk track from Leeds based band Cardigan Fields. This bands wild mix of style gives you an in-your-face sound that can get you dancing around your room, or in a mosh pit (one day). Although the band made the slight error of forming in early 2020, this latest track is definitely one that is not wrong, and earns its rightful place ending this month’s edition of the playlist.

And that’s it. Another month in this dystopian nightmare we all find ourselves in. Hopefully you have found at least one track that takes your fancy. Until then, stay safe, wear a mask, keep your distance, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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