December’s edition of the TrueStyleMusic playlist is now live!

Another month is upon us, which means another edition of TrueStyleMusic’s playlist. Featuring 11 of our favourite tracks, discovered over the last month. Expect a mix of indie, rock, pop and even some R&B.

Opening up this month is Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, with their latest single, Peaches, released today. This bands out-there name matches their out-there style, combining elements of rock and pop to create a feel-good dance song, one which we could probably all do with at the moment. Their second single as a band, this song really pushes the limits of creativity.

Next up is This Dance, from Liverpool based band The Garnetts. They were supposed to release this song back in April, but with the way the world is it has had to be pushed back a bit. This is another feel good anthem, and hopefully one that we will one day be hearing live. A simple meaning within the song, knowing where you are, what is coming but still taking your chances, this is one most of us will feel a relation to in some way, and has a good place in this playlist.

The Garnetts

This is followed by Control, the new single from local talent Conal Kelly. Released at the end of last month, this track combines shimmering synths, dynamic percussion and a groovy bass to create a sound that gets you moving – it looks like there is a bit of a dance theme to this month’s edition. Conal does all the singing, instrumentals and song writing himself, as well as producing all his own music, the true definition of an indie artist.

After this is Mongrel Dogs, with their newest single Le Chat, released last week. This London based rock band has members from all over the world, and their combined experience and culture create a track with genuine passion behind it. This song has a classic rock vibe to it, and is one that could really rock a live venue one day.

Next up is I See You In The Dark, the latest track from Bournemouth Based singer-songwriter DD Allen. This single brings in influences of 80s pop-rock, with a voice that DD Allen describes as “Neil Young style” (and I would agree). This track and artist is definitely one to look out for in the coming weeks and months.

Sticking on the brit-pop/rock/indie theme, the next track, Nosedive, by Spangled, certainly fits within that category. Another track combining that of-so-classic bright guitar riffs and a dancing rhythm, this is another track with the potential to go far. The message of risk-taking and youthfulness sound like they stem from the band directly, and this personal message make the track stand out even more. These guys also feature as the cover for this month’s edition of the playlist.

There’s only one from the US this month, and that comes in the form of Walking Backwards, the latest single from Brooklyn based indie-rock band Diary. This jangly, dream-pop single has that proper classic indie feel to it, and the message of wistful longing give it a real smiths-vibe (just without the latent bigotry)


This next one is definitely from the best place in the England, not only the south but also enjoying being in tier 1, Falmouth’s Mog Jones latest single It Ain’t Easy was released back at the start of this month, and has its place in this month’s playlist. Mog has been making music since she was 9 years old, and also writes, records and produces all her music on her own or with her sister. An awesome Dolly Parton-David Bowie-Queen hybrid, this song is one I can see doing well, and Mog’s next released are one to watch out for.

Another one released today, Forgotten Sons latest track, Last December, is a sneaky lockdown song. Now, I’ve been pretty anti-lockdown-songs (except a few which I have mentioned previously), but this ones stands out to me because it doesn’t actually feel like a lockdown song. The pop-punk style makes this feel more like a song to headbang and mosh to, rather than one that makes me sad for better times. The message of the importance of live music industry and the arts as a whole is also so important in this song.

The penultimate song, don’t worry, you’ve nearly made it through another months round up! Elixir, the latest single from London’s Latenight Honeymoon, is a pop-rock track, an although it was put together in a less than conventional way, the layers being built up together shows both in the physical and metaphorical sense in this song, and hopefully we will be seeing a video to accompany the song soon!

And to round off this month’s playlist we have the brilliant latest single from Sacropolis, Home. This German group released their second single last week, and in short all I can say is “why are you not listening to this?” Catchy melodies, driving guitars and a bass and percussion line to keep the song going, what more do you need. I can see these guys rocking every small venue across Europe, and hopefully will be seeing them one day (can you tell I’m missing gigs?)

That’s it! Another month in the mad world we live in, and another playlist to sink your teeth into. So what are you doing? Go and listen to these awesome 11 tracks, and hopefully something takes your fancy.

In the meantime, stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask and one day we will all see each other again.

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