The next addition of TrueStyleMusic’s monthly playlist is now live!

With a whole new design, the latest edition of TrueStyleMusic’s monthly playlist is now live. With nine of our favourite tracks discovered over the last month (some may have been released over a month ago).

Kicking off this month is Wanna Be, the latest single from Shawn Rushil Mathews. Coming from Harrisburg, PA, this indie-pop-rock track brings together elements of a romantic song, but with the hidden layers behind it. This song is also produced only using electric guitars, bass and a live drum kit (no synths!). Shawn has also provided us with the artwork for this month’s edition of the playlist.

Next we have Overwhelmed by Crossing I’s Dotting T’s, another one from across the pond. This new era punk-track really demonstrates the message of feeling overwhelmed with emotions and feelings of lack of identity. Matthew, the main man behind the music, also has Tourette’s, and uses his music to help raise awareness and wants to help others with the condition.

Following on we have Self Love, the debut single from Ellie Lave. This Greek/British singer songwriter combines a mix of washed out guitars with soft indie melodies to create a track that is destined to go far.

This is followed by Springbar, with their new single If I’m In Trouble, released TODAY. This is Springbar’s second single of the year, after their first single in 2018 and their debut EP last year. Another indie track in this playlist (notice a theme yet?), this song is one I cannot wait to hopefully hear live. Also their guitarist has my favourite guitar, I’ll let you guess which one…

After this is Loops, the latest single from dream-pop-lowfi-rnb artist Emmy, from London. This is a bit of a different style to the others on this playlist, and hopefully the messages behind the song come through to everyone. Talking about the song, Emmy said “I wrote Loops during lockdown about feeling unfulfilled in your twenties. At the same time it’s about learning to accept that you won’t feel like this forever and not to be so hard on yourself. I’m hoping many people will be able to relate to the topic of finding yourself lost in the loops of your 20’s. Loops will be streaming on all platforms from Friday 13th November 2020.” I personally really like the addition of the synth-saxophone in the middle of the song. The single is also released today.

Another one from across the pond, The Magnolias latest single The Painting is next to feature on this month’s playlist. Although the lyrics seem quite literal, about a painting or statue, there is a clear hidden meaning behind the song, and the washed out guitar sound really helps drive this home. Unfortunately, the dreaded C word hit just as this band were hitting it off, but I hope they will be playing live shows as soon as it is safe to do so!

This next one is another with a unique story behind the music. Man and Boy, the “naturally talented 14 year old drummer” along with his “Britpop father” recently released their debut double-single, with their two tracks 1996 and Adelaide, which features on the playlist. Completely recorded at home during lockdown, the father’s old ways mix with the boy’s young style to create something truly unique, but still wonderful.

Deafpony follow, with their latest track Break Me, a reverb-drenched, upbeat indie rock track dripping with pop swagger that was recorded in unconventional spaces over the COVID-19 lockdown. This song really demonstrates the tough times we have all been facing over recent months, the music industry especially so, and how hard we are all working to get through it. Another indie banger, this is one I can see getting some play time on a Thekla Thursday (if you know, you know).

And to round it all off, we have Answer Back with their track Blissful, taken from their latest EP Fate And Fortune. After taking a few year break from making music, the band are back, with the kind of music you can expect at grassroots venues across the country (#SaveOurVenues), the mix of hard driving vocals and well thought out sounds make this track one to look out for.

And that’s it, another month and another edition of the playlist. Hopefully you have found at least one track that is to your liking, and please do keep supporting these bands and artists, they really do need it. And hopefully we will all be able to see each other at a gig some time soon! Find the playlist here

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