NEW MUSIC ALERT: Flo Hope, We Are Viable

If you’ve seen the news recently, you know that it’s been a tough few months for those in the Arts sector. If the whole COVID situation was not bad enough, a certain MPs comments has not mad things any better.

When I saw a post by Flo in a Facebook group, I knew I had to get on it. Her amazing voice really helps hit home the message that we, the people in the music industry, are viable.

Talking about the song to TrueStyleMusic, Flo said:

I wanted to write a song in response to this worrying time, summarising just a fraction of how many of us are feeling. We are angry, frustrated and worried for our futures – but with uncertainty comes hope and solidarity. I only wrote this (lyrics, mixing and mastering) in a day, with the time I had, but I hope it provides support for fellow performers and others within the arts industries. The arts are so vital to our lives, and the economy – and nothing can stop us, or the noise we make. We are viable. More than viable. 

Although this isn’t the kind of style I would normally cover, I think the message supersedes any genre limitation that exist in the music world.

You can find more of Flo’s music on her YouTube channel here

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