EP review: Milk White Throat, Hierarchy

Having released their latest EP today, Brighton’s own Milk White Throat look set to make headway, with three tracks showing off all their talents.

Hierarchy was set to be released at the beginning of the year, but like most people, they were stumped by the dreaded c-word. Nevertheless, the release is now live and one you really should listen to.

The EP open up with Closed Eyes. Coming in at 7:30, this longer track really does push the boundaries of their music. It takes about a minute to get to the build-up, but once it is there it completely hits home. This is the kind of song you feel moving your organs (or is that only me?) and where the bass goes right through you. I could imagine this absolutely rocking a live venue one day. The band say that Closed Eyes is written from the perspective of the world within, and the struggle to grapple with who they are and what they feel their existence is worth to themselves. In my opinion, they have captured that message perfectly, both through the lyrics and the sound. The mixture of crashing metal with mellow rock really help complete that dilemma. Overall, this is a brilliant opener and mood setter to the album.

This is followed by Sleepless. Never one to shy away from a long song, this one comes in at just under 6 minutes, but, by all means, is another banger. The track opens up in a heavier style, really showing the bands metal roots. The softly sung lyrics complete this track, giving it its full meaning, and really demonstrating its message of the individual trying to qualify themselves to raise a child. It also shows the disruption of emotions that comes to someone when they start to question everything about themselves. The video for Sleepless was released back at the end of August, filmed at The Underworld in Camden, as well as the single across all streaming platforms. This track is another one not to be missed.

The final track on this EP is the title track, Hierarchy. Another long one, at close to 8 minutes long, this one combines the rock elements of Closed Eyes, with the metal sounds of Sleepless to create an awesome hybrid song. This track tries to explore the idea of understanding oneself through everything the world can provide. A difficult idea to talk well about in a song, but I think Milk White Throat just about manage to pull this one off. This is another track I cannot wait to see live as soon as it is safe to.

All in all, this three track EP is a great release from the band, with three bangers combining to create a masterpiece. In my opinion, it would be good to have it broken up with a shorter track somewhere in the middle, but nonetheless it is still one to watch out for, and one I hope to see live at some point in the future.

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