EP REVIEW: A Joyful Terrorizing ride from The Thieves About

Coming from San Diego’s West Coast, US rockers The Thieves About released their latest EP – A Joyful Terrorizing Ride – a couple of weeks ago. This four piece don’t pretend to be anything but a high energy rock band.

The EP opens with Hurt Me Sometimes. With a combination of overdriven guitar riffs and a leading drummer, this is the longest track of the EP, at just under 4 minutes. The track talks of past loves and the ups and downs associated with it. The bridge really helps enforce that message of the struggle of both being in love and not knowing what exactly is going on. This is a perfect opener to what is set to be a powerful EP.

This is followed by Take Me On (no, not the popular 80s song by a-ha), which opens in a more melodic indie style, with open strummed electric guitars. Using the metaphor of a bar in the opener, this song explores the feeling of defeat and recovery, and the offer of help from others. This gives me a Frank-Turner-Get-Better vibe (although I did keep thinking I was about to hear the words “take on me”)

Next is We Go Down. This is definitely a heavier style of song, with a Metallica style guitar riff to open. This track explores the idea of getting away, both physically and emotionally, from the dizziness that regular life can cause. This lively track is one I really hope to be able to see live one day (and probably get whiplash from headbanging).

The final track from A Joyful Terrorizing Ride is Torn Down. Opening with a dreamy plucked-guitar style, this song has more of an indie vibe that the heavier tracks previous. At about the 40 second mark, the song gives you the more ‘traditional’ sound that I’ve become familiar with from the first three quarters of this EP. This track talks about the idea of others helping to build you back up. This gives the EP as a whole a nice circular feel, from the opening feelings of love and fear, to the closing feelings of reconciliation and hope.

Overall, A Joyful Terrorizing Ride, and The Thieves About, are worth looking out for, and I can see them going far. This latest EP perfectly sums up their sound, and hopefully a band I will be able to catch on the road someday.

Until then, you can check out The Thieves About here

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