I chatted to MIDNIGHT MOUTH about their single FEEL BETTER

After the release of their latest single Feel Better – a indie tune hoping to show things in a bit of a better light, I decided to catch up with Midnight Mouth about all things music. Read our interview below.

Tell us a bit about the band. Where are you from and how did you all meet?

We’ve all known each other for about 15 years and have always played music together from time to time. It then got to the point where we were all available to start our own band and the stars aligned. So here we are…

Where did the name Midnight Mouth come from?

It came from Scott’s mind. He was getting intimate with a lady many moons ago and it just popped into his head. He had to write it down. She wasn’t happy but Scott was because he got a band out of it 10 years later.

If you were to sum up your style in three words, what would you say?

Driven emotional state.

You recently released your latest single Feel Better. What does this song mean to you?

It means a lot to us because it was part of the first cluster of tunes we developed as a band. It’s been in the set since day 1 and we’re so psyched that it’s finally out there.

Where did the inspiration come from, and where do you normally look for inspiration?

It came from Scott after having one of those days where things were not going his way. In terms of inspiration, we take it from a variety of different places: relationships, other bands, mental health, etc. It’s all the things we experience or have experienced in our 20s (a couple of us nearly 30).

Is this a hint at more new music on the way?

Yes absolutely. Next single will be out at the end of July and then a third single along with the EP in September.

Did you have any help with the writing and recording process?

Nope. We recorded everything DIY during lockdown. Poppy mixed and produced everything as well.

Can we expect any music videos to come?

We’re planning on it. Arthur tried filming something during lockdown and the footage was so bad that he didn’t even show the rest of the band.

Do you plan to play any live shows once we are allowed back out?

Hell yes. Pierce is working on it right now. He’s having to re-book the shows that we had lined up already. Dates will be released soon.

Where can we find out more about you?

All the socials. Head to midnightmouth.com and sign up to our mailing list where you will really find out about more.

Anything you would like to tell us?

We’ve had a look at your blog and think it’s great so thanks for having us! Oh and keep an eye out for our next single in July…

I’d like to thank the band for taking the time to answer my questions and I wish them all the best for the next year.

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