NEW RELEASE DAY: Jonny Morgan – Lonely In Soho

Jonny Morgan is back with another banger. Lonely In Soho, his third release of 2020, tells the story of a long distance relationship between cities. The heartbreaking single shows the emotional impact of an unsustainable love life, and how easy it is for us all to make excuses for ourselves and others, when we really should be better.

The soft drum driven single perfectly captures Jonny’s Indie/Americana style, and gives this single the potential to go far. Accompanied by the acoustic guitar, Jonny perfectly captures what he sings so brilliantly about.

Luckily for him, Jonny hadn’t planned many gigs for 2020, with the focus on recording. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch him at a show sometime, and hear Lonely In Soho played live. 

But until then, why not go check out his latest single, as well as his other two single, Hurt Me and Sarah, currently out on all streaming platforms.

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