I chatted with Adam from MiG 15 about their latest single COWBOYS & INDIANS

Tell us a bit about the band. Where are you from and how did you all meet?

We’re a mixed bag of ages, influences and backgrounds. Me (Adam) and Jmo are born and raised scousers. Jimmy was born over on the West Coast of the USA and Martin… Well nobody really knows where he’s from. He’s a man of mystery. I (Adam) met Jimmy though my old record label deltasonic. Then a friend of mine introduced me to jmo and then Martin I found on one of those joinmyband.com sites. 

Where did the name MIG 15 come from? 

The name is all Jimmy’s doing. He grew up near a military base in America and think his passion for aviation has stuck with him. 

If I were to use the phrase “for fans of”, who would you liken yourselves to? 

We get a lot of The Killers, Editors, Joy Division comparisons so I’ll say those. 

You recently released your latest single Cowboys & Indians. What does this song mean to you?

I wrote the song after coming across an old picture of me and my cousin playing with cap guns and bow and arrows in my nans garden. It’s a nostalgia trip for me reminiscing those times and watching all the old western movies with my family. 

Is this a hint at more new music on the way?

Well I’m always writing something. So there is always new songs on the horizon. 

Where do you look to find musical inspiration?

I try to watch new things and listen to new things as often as I can. I find when something is fresh and different it helps to invoke new ideas in me. Whether it be a lyric or a melody. 

Who produced this music? Have you worked with them before? How was it working with them?

Rich Turvey has been producing everything for us. I’ve known Rich for over 10 years he’s worked on several other projects I’ve been involved in. It’s been amazing to see him progress the way he has. Working on number one albums with bands like blossoms. 

What have you been doing to keep busy during lockdown?

I have been doing a lot of walking. I must have nearly covered every area of Liverpool by now. Between that and some very competitive games of one bounce in the Park. 

Any plans to play anywhere when we are all allowed back out?

We had a lot of stuff planned before the world stopped spinning. We have plans to support our friend The Peach Fuzz in September. I’ve got everything crossed that it goes ahead. If you haven’t heard them go and check them out. They have some rammers.

Where can we find out more about you?

We are on all of the socials. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

If you just search MiG15 and you’ll find all that good stuff. 

Anything else you would like to tell us?

Yes, I’ve been watching the show Hot Ones on YouTube and I want to be on it. Just putting it out there. You never know. 

Well lets hope Adam’s dream can one day come true. In the meantime I’d like to thank Adam for taking the time to answer my questions and wish him and the rest of the band the best of luck for the future!

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