I chatted to Corey from Voodoo Bandits about their recent single YESTERDAYS JAM

Tell us a bit about the band. Where are you from and how did you all meet?

We’re Voodoo Bandits, an indie rock, surf punk, pop (what are genres nowadays anyway). We’re made up of frontman Ben Donaldson, lead guitarist Corey Vaughan, Bassist Charlotte Wilby and Nathan Vaughan on drums. The twins Corey and Nathan, met Ben at an after-exams party, and started jamming together somewhere down the line. A cycle of people came and went on vocals and bass but eventually Charlotte joined the lineup in 2019, and Ben plucked up the courage to sing. Then we became Voodoo Bandits (again!). 

Where does the name Voodoo Bandits come from?

The name actually comes from a previous band member, but we kept it. Locally people knew us by this and we felt as though we had spent the time building up a bit of a reputation, it saved the confusion of a new name, and we’ve really grown into it. We feel it represents our current sound pretty well!

Tell us a bit about your latest single, Yesterday’s Jam.

Yesterday’s Jam is a sunny and explosive song; it’s all about the release and letting go, which has been attempted to materialised by the euphoric chorus. It’s definitely our quickest song to date and it really pushes the energy of the band. Lyrically it’s about breaking free from the influence of others in tandem with plenty of metaphors and colourful imagery.

Where did the name for the song come from?

It was inspired by a British comedy show, (if you know you know).

Is there going to be even more new music on the way?

We’ve just finished up the final mix for our next song which we’re hoping to release soon, so keep your ears peeled for that! 

Did you have any help with the writing and recording process?

Ben does the songwriting, then we collectively work on the fleshing out of the track. We recorded this track at a studio on the Isle of Man, and had it mixed and mastered by our producer/engineer in Manchester. We play a heavy hand in trying to get the production we want in order to achieve the sound we’re after. This can be hard, but ultimately we get there in the end and we are grateful to our producer who’s a great fit for us.

How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?

Nathan and Corey spent the majority of lockdown finishing up university assignments and dissertation, whilst Ben and Charlotte built a nifty ‘home studio’ setup so we could continue our musical output despite the social distancing measures. We’ve also done a number of livestream gigs. Right now, the Isle of Man has ended social distancing and we are getting back to playing plenty of shows, and we can’t wait to hit England again soon.

Any plans to play any shows when we are allowed to again?

We’ve got a couple of UK dates lined up at the end of the year in Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle, supporting BAYBOARDS, LOLA and Bedroom / Boredom respectively. Fingers crossed they don’t get postponed further! We’re also in the process of organising a mini Scotland tour at some point towards the back end of this year but we’ll have to see what happens in terms of lockdown restrictions before anything gets confirmed for sure.

Which artists are you currently listening to?

We’re all buzzing for the new Hockey Dad album! Been digging Sports Team, The Dunts and Marsicans too.

– Where can we find out more about you?

You can check us out on all our socials and every major streaming site.

Anything else you would like to tell us?

Isle of Man cats have no tails.

Well you (might of) heard it here first. What are you waiting for, go check out Yesterday’s Jam!

I’d like to thank Corey for taking the time to answer my questions and I hope to catch the band at a gig as soon as possible.

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