Cast your mind back to the end of January. A time when we were allowed outside, to go to the pub, to attend gigs, to see other people. Also the time when Oxygen Thief played their last full band gig, at the Exchange, in Bristol.

Not long after that, Barry Dolan, AKA the front guy of Oxygen Thief, announced his second album from his indie-folk side project – Non Canon, titled Non Canon II.

Well, today is the day that album is released to the world. You can buy a physical copy from Non Canon’s Bandcamp, or stream the release on all the normal services.

Judging by the first three releases – Dark Force Rising, Self Untitled and The Saying Of The Seers – this album looks set to be nothing short of amazing.

To celebrate it’s release, Barry will be live streaming tonight on the Xtra Mile Recordings Facebook Page. I hope to see you all there.

I wish Barry all the best of luck with the release.

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