Another great NEW MUSIC DAY, with a host of brilliant albums and tracks coming out today

Today (April 24th) is another great day for new music.

The Used have released their latest Album, Heartwork. And to go alongside, Heartwork has released a new track, titled The Used. Yes, this is going to take me a while to get used to as well.

Dance Gavin Dance also release their latest album today. After letting fans take control of their video Three Wishes, the album Afterburner is out, with some seriously good tracks.

Douglas T, who has previously featured on TrueStyleMusic’s Spotify Playlist has also released another Indie-Synth banger. Rollercoaster is available to stream now.

The Homeless Gospel Choir has also released a new album today. This Land Is Your Landfill is an eye opening pro-social album, and one that’s really worth checking out.

Shortly After Takeoff, the new album from BC Camplight is out today. With more wacky bangers, these guys are one you want to catch live. Tour dates can be found here.

Finally, Frank Turner has released the recording of his show in live in Newcastle from last year, as part of the ‘unplugged’ part of the No Mans Land tour.

Hopefully some of this new music will keep you entertained during these uncertain times.

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