I caught up with Pyro about their recent single – I’LL UNDERSTAND.

Tell us a little bit about Pyro. Who are you, and what do you do?

Connor: We are just mates who like to make music together nothing more nothing less I would say. 

Cameron: We play and write alt rock/indie rock music and have done for a few years now.

Who is in the band, and how did you all meet?

Connor: There’s just two of us me (Connor) and Cammy. We met in school and it was love at first sight.

Cameron: We met at school about 5 years ago, we played in a cover band with some of our other pals but wanted to write our own music.

If I were to use the phrase, “for fans of”, who would you liken yourselves to?

Connor: Probably twin Atlantic and Arctic Monkeys, I’m not entirely sure as I don’t think we really sound like anyone else

Cameron: I’m not really sure who we sound like, we’re quite unique I think. I’d say if anything it’s gonna be to do with Connors vocals with a particular accent and my guitar being a bit heavier so probs the likes of Twin Atlantic or Fatherson.

Is this where your inspiration comes from?

Connor: My inspiration comes from experiences I’ve had and I put it in lyrics and my drumming probably has a lot of influence from John Bonham and a guy I used to go to school with. I take inspiration form experience more than what I listen to or watch.

You recently released your latest single, I’ll Understand. How did you go about the song writing process for this?  

Cameron: I’ll understand is a single we released a couple weeks back, it’s a song we wrote with a few others whilst on a writing spree for a tour we done last year and this track really stood out so we really wanted to release it. We got into the studio in September and got it recorded!

Connor: Usually I will come up with lyrics and from there we will piece together the music, once we’ve got a general thought of how it’s going to sound we then add all the subtle details. Very simplistic and generic but it works.

Who produced this music? Have you worked with them before?

Connor: Our good friend Mark Morrow produced it. We have worked with Mark since 2017. We get on really well and the guy is a wizard when it comes to the recording process. I wouldn’t work with anyone I didn’t get on with or respect so Mark is always the guy to go to. 

Cameron: He has done the last few, we love the way he works he has a great work flow and the end results are always class.

I’d normally ask about tours, but as the world’s gone a little bit crazy at the moment there won’t be any soon. Is there any plans for anything after this madness is all over?

Cameron: Yea unfortunately due to everything that’s going on everything we had planned has been cancelled or still waiting on new dates for the postponed gigs so nothing groundbreaking yet. We have been writing so hopefully will have achieved something.

What are some of the best stories from gigs you’ve played before?

Cameron: We have played some amazing gigs with some amazing people and after parties so have many stupid stories but one that has stood out was after our gig at EXPO North where we ended up going out with a bunch of friends, a night out in Inverness is messy at the best of times, but this was by far the best Tuesday night I think we’ve ever had, not going to go into too much detail but we had to stand outside primark for them opening to buy sunglasses for an acoustic set at 10am the next morning.

Do you have any merch lines? Is there other ways we can support you as a band?

Cameron: Yes we have a bunch of merch going cheap from last years tour so if you wanna support us and add some great quality T-shirts to your wardrobe for not a lot of money slide into our DM’s and we can sort that out. 

Connor: We are happy as long as people are listening to the tunes.

Where can we find out more about you? 

Cameron: Get us on all the socials @pyromusicband and check out our website officialpyro.com
Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Connor: Stay safe and wash your hands.

I’d like to thank Cameron and Conner for taking the time to answer my questions and wish them all the best with the new single, and I hope to catch them at a show when this is all over.

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