I spoke with Jonny Morgan after the release of his latest single HURT ME…

After releasing his latest single Hurt Me across all platforms yesterday, I caught up with Jonny. Have a read of our conversation below…

For those out there who haven’t heard your stuff before, how would you describe yourself?

Well in my bio the first line is ‘Jonny is an Alternative, Indie, Americana, Folk singer that clearly struggles having to describe what specific genre he falls into’. And although it is meant to be tongue and cheek it is entirelytrue. I don’t really know to be honest, I sing over a guitar and I completely love warm sounding ambient music which I think it what puts me into that Americana category! (Whatever that means) I love roots music, and I also love pop music…I’d like to say that I’m a healthy blend of both…but I’ll leave that to the listener.

Where did music start for you?

Music for me starting at an incredibly early age, I was brought up with 2 parents that adored music and luckily for me brought me up on all the greats. I’m pretty sure I know every word of every Stones song by the age of 7…the type of indoctrination that I’m okay with! In terms of playing, originally I just wanted to be a little rockstar. I had an Angus Young SG rip off and I’d duck walk around the entire house despite not knowing how to play a single note. I started writing songs in my mid teens but never took it all that seriously then I suppose life happens and it’s an outlet.

You’ve released yesterday your latest single Hurt Me. Is this a taste at more new music on the way?

Yes! I’m actually flying out to Nashville this week to record the next 3 singles. My plan for this year is to release, release & release!

Who produced this music? Have you worked with them before? How was it working with them?

This was recorded by Joel Levi in Nashville. Joel is one of my favourite artists and it was an absolute honour to be able to record with him. Never worked with him before but I am about to go back out to record more so clearly we’re both happy! I think the most important thing between an artist and a producer is the perfect amount of input without taking over. I think we both had a clear idea of what I wanted yet Joel would give me valid input if necessary. Good! is the short answer.

Where do you find inspiration for the lyrics to your music?

Most of my lyrics are based around normal life experiences, the main one being relationships. I think this will change as you get older but at my young age of 25 most things that get your creative juices flowing seem to be boy meets girl, boys loves girl, girl leaves boy/boy lets himself down etc etc. Put that over G,C,A Minor, D…you’ve got a song!

Can we expect any music videos to come?

Definitely, we are recording live acoustic sessions of every song that is released this year.

Do you get to play many gigs? Have you got any more coming up?

This year I’m mainly focused on releasing new music but there will undoubtedly be tons of shows along the way. So far I have a gig in London march and one in Singapore in June and we’ll see what crops up in between.

What has been your most memorable gig to play?

I played a Sofar Sounds gig in Paris. it was a sold out show and 45 mins before I went on stage the owner said “what do you want?”…I jokingly answered for cheese and wine (when in France) and I was given 2 entire camemberts and 3 bottles of the finest red I’ve ever tasted. Ironically I can’t remember any other details from that night but I know I woke up incredibly hungover and twice the size.

What advice would you give to people looking to be musicians?

Enter the musician world with savings! Okay that’s the jokey answer BUT the real answer would just be stay authentic. I know that’s super cliché but just do what you want to do, sing what you want to sing, play what you want to play and most importantly don’t make the art you think others want to hear. Make the stuff you want to play and if others like it great!

Where can we find out more about you?

social medias…@jonnymorganmusic on everything!

Anything else you would like to tell us?

I’d like to thank you for the interview and to anyone that’s read this…Thank you and follow me on spotify! Always plugging!

I’d like to thank Jonny for taking the time to answers my questions and wish him the best with all the new music.

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