I spoke with Lew from Attic Theory about their latest single MY OWN DESIGN

To help those who haven’t heard of Attic Theory before, how would you describe yourself and most liken yourselves to?

We describe our music as ‘Alternative Sexy Groove Rock’. Our sound is pulled together through so many different influences and styles that we don’t really sound like any other rock band.

You recently released My Own Design. What’s the inspiration for this song?

‘My Own Design’ is inspired by a breakdown in communication within a relationship and the realization that both parties, have become people they don’t even recognize in the mirror anymore, and should not be together. Lyrically, I wanted to mix things up a bit so I made a few alterations to the original subject matter. In ”my version“ of events, one person has come to their senses and has realized they have become a slave of their own making… a slave of their own design… and the other, is hosting their very own pity party and hasn’t grasped that the relationship is over.

Is this a hint at more new music on the way?

We’ve just won ‘Best New Band at the Planet Rock ‘The Rocks’ awards so we have decided to record a new single to give our fans, our ‘Theorists’ new music sooner than they thought, as a thank you for voting for us. The next recording will include new recruit, Matt Lawler on 3rd guitar. 

Who produced the track, and how was it working with them? 

We recorded the track at the Motor Museum Recording Studio in Liverpool.  ‘My Own Design’ was produced by Loic Gailard. Loic understands rock music, he made the final product big, bright, bold and beautiful and is so easy to work with. At one point in the vocal recording process, I started flagging, so Loic got me a dumb bell and made me do curls before I could sing again. It got the blood pumping and clearly worked ha ha ha ha the breath you can hear at the beginning of the track, is me doing curls ha ha ha ha 

Did you experience any unexpected advise or criticism along the way? 

We attended consultations and workshops with Toby Jepson (Wayward Sons) and Rob Town (Panic Cell) from Lightening in a bottle and they were pretty eye opening. We received honest, constructive advice about our songs, our image and the direction of Attic Theory.  

Rob and Toby could see something in us and worked to unleash that very beast.

It can sometimes be hard to hear feedback about your music as your band, is your baby, but every comment from LIAB was followed by positive reinforcement, suggestions and guidance to point us in the right direction. it was an enlightening process.

Who made the single artwork?

I put single artwork together with my wife-to-be Kelly and she took the picture. People think it’s photoshopped but it isn’t. We purchased a cake with the band image on, bought personalised cake toppers and candles and used a black sheet as the back drop. Couldn’t have turned out any better. Then we cut up the cake and ate ourselves ha ha ha ha 

Have you shared a show (supported) any big bands before? 

We’ve done quite a few, actually. Most recent, we’ve just completed a UK and European tour as direct support for American rockers Tantric, we’ve supported multi-platinum and gold selling artist Candlebox and have just supported Brit-Rockers Terrorvision, who have won a plethora of Kerrang awards over the years. The support slots keep getting bigger and bigger.

What’s your most interesting story from a gig?

When we were on tour with Tantric, their singer Hugo wasn’t used to the cool weather so slept a lot in the tour van. On the way to Bannermans in Edinburgh, Hugo may have unintentional become my ‘snuggle buddy’ and fell asleep across me. Everyone was taking pictures of us and I tried to get one and Hugo slowly opened his eyes, saw me, give a cheeky smile and went back to sleep. Later that night, on stage, Hugo thanked me for being his new ‘snuggle buddy’ and said it was the best sleep he’s had in ages. This whole experience then lead to me taking pictures of all of the guys asleep and photoshopping a human body part into their mouths. Pictures available on request ha ha ha ha 

Lots of artists have a ‘stage presence’. What’s yours? 

We thrive on making our live shows as entertaining as possible. We try to make the audience comfortable and interact with the them throughout the show. They’ve paid to have a good time and it’s our job to deliver. 

What is some advice you’d give to someone who wants to make music? 

Don’t give up! We create music that we believe in and have put a lot of hard work and dedication into this band. We never thought we’d see our band on an awards list with the likes of Def Leppard, Foo Fighters, The Who and Slash. They are all among the big winners of ‘The Rocks 2020’ awards. It’s an amazing feeling to be on a list of that magnitude. 

Where can we find out more about you?

You can find out more about us from our website and social media. We are proactive on social media so don’t be afraid to comment on posts or message us.

Website URL:  www.attictheory.co.uk

Facebook URL:  www.facebook.com/attictheory

Twitter URL:  www.twitter.com/attictheory

Instagram URL: http://www.instagram.com/attictheoryband/

Anything else you would like to tell us?

Attic Theory’s next show will be with Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond and Mr. Ted at O2 Academy, Liverpool on Thursday 12th March. Tickets available at attictheory.co.uk/store 

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