I chatted to Liam Wakefield ahead of the release of his latest single “Trust Your Heart”. Read our conversation here…

With the single being released across all platforms TODAY, it is also being played on BBC Radio Solent this Saturday between 8-9PM, as part of BBC Introducing.

For those who haven’t heard of you before, how would you describe your sound and style?

I would say its an amalgamation of Indie Folk and Americana. A cocktail of sounds really, I like to go from calming folk style to the rawer americana/rock vocals and blend it all together. 

If I were to use the phrase ‘for fans of’, who would you liken yourself to?

I would say my two major artists would be Gregory Alan Isakov and Noah gunderson, but neither are very well known, so I like to say its got a hint of bruce Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’ album in there.

When did you first start thinking about making your own music? Where did your inspirations come from? Are you self-taught or did you take music lessons?

I started pretty young, self-taught and did the whole rock band thing, but then gave up on it all and spend a decade in the Army, it was only last year that I rekindled with the dream and started writing again.

Who helped with the music for your latest single “Trust Your Heart” and who produced it? How did you all meet?

I actually did everything myself. Wrote it all, played all the instruments, and produced it. I wanted to make it as personal as possible, so I studied for a while (still am studying) how to produce, and once I had gotten a simple understanding I just put my efforts into getting it done. The whole album will be done this way. My last single Thirteen Gardens was done at Quay West Studio with producer Nick Bowen, who is a genius, and I can’t wait to work with him again, but I wanted to see how much of Trust Your Heart could be done alone. 

Where did the lyric inspiration come from, and how do you go about songwriting?

It was written for my wife, she’s been a rock for me and helped me through a lot, so I felt the best way to give her something back would be to write her a song.
When it comes to writing lyrics I kind of shut the world out and play with the idea on guitar and say words, like bad poetry until it forms into something tangible. 

Can we expect any videos to go alongside the music?

I will make something simple to accompany the music, but no big productions in line at this time.

Is this single a hint of more new music on the way?

Absolutely, this is the first single from a 9 track album called Novella. 

Are there any plans for going on tour or any festivals this year?

I have a tour in mind, alongside some dates already booked throughout the first part of the year, and festivals will take up most of the summer, but I’d like to get a few more dates in Europe. I am playing a couple of dates in Paris in May.

Where can we find out more about you?

I am across every music platform and social media platform. All titled Liam Wakefield Music also my website:

I’d like to thank Liam for taking the time to answers my questions and wish him all the best with his album.

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